If already posted, I missed it . . . but I see from the depth chart that Hjalte is scheduled to start, so I guess his injury wasn’t as bad as it looked.

Could someone give me an update - or a link to it, if already posted?


I’m sure there will be more from Bielema at noon when he meets with the media. But Bret said there were no serious injuries in the game. Hjalte Froholdt was back on the bench quickly after his injury. He’d just had it rolled up, like at Auburn. He was ready to go and is expected to be 100 percent for the LSU game. I didn’t notice anything else that will keep anyone out.

What about LSU? Any major/minor injuries? Not wishing any LSU Player harm, just trying to take in all the information that may affect The Razorbacks chances to win this week.

Bret just said Hjalte was in a lot of pain when it happened, but could’ve come back in. They may not get him back today or tomorrow, but he should be back by Wednesday.

Hjalte has taken a lot of flack this year I think unfairly. This is what, his 4th year playing football at all? 1st year on offense. The kid’s a pure talent and will be mauling people for years to come. He’s a natural offensive guard and I credit the coaches for seeing it. I don’t think it was a move of desperation to move him over.

Have no problem with the move, and I agree that he looks like he’ll be a very good OL eventually. The problem is that we had to throw him into the lineup immediately because we had no better options.

Bingo. I think it was Enos who said a few weeks back that in a normal situation, he’d be learning the ropes as a backup this year.