Injuries? Starkel?

Any update on Starkel? Anyone else injured?

Starkel has a contusion. Reading between the lines it sounds like he will be able to play at Kentucky.

Glad to hear it. As well as Hicks played, I’m not sure having him would’ve made any difference in the game, but I like having two good choices. I still think Starkel brings more to the table.

Any other injuries?

I think Hicks will practice next week with much more focus than last week, because he knows he is vital to the team and is very close to playing at any time.

I read this as assuming he wasn’t focused this week, but Morris said it was the opposite.

“I thought he did an incredible job of coming in in a tough situation and really responded,” Morris said. “I thought that said a lot about his drive and character, and a lot about his preparation because he was definitely prepared. He did give us a chance and I’m excited about what he was able to do moving the football down the field.”

No, not what I meant. I mean Hicks was prepared, and now he knows that his preparation was to his and the team’s benefit. The whole team will realize being prepared for an SEC opponent is necessary to become a good to great team. Focus should increase, team-wise.

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That makes sense.