Injuries matter

EspeciLly when they come at key spots and/or in bunches.

For the “next man up” crowd, look at he Egg Bowl.

Arkansas’ injuries have been monumental this year. Allen has been injured and ineffective. That has been huge.

The loss of RW3 has made a huge difference–probably 1-2 more wins worth. People have completely forgotten about him. There have been lots of key runs in recent weeks in which our RBs have had solid gains but that an elite RB like Rw3 would have made much more. Plays that would have finished games but for missed holes or shoestring tackles.

Losing the best player on defense changed the dynamic a lot.

Not having your only steady returning WR playmaker hurt.

None of this is a plea for CBB. I know that ship has sailed. But, we have had injuries to pretty much all of the players that you would look at in preseason and say you can’t afford to lose.

Allen, Ragnow, RW3 and Pulley are All-SEC caliber players or have been.

There are only 2-3 teams in the league that can overcome that. We aren’t one of them.

I think the next coach will have a good shot to win a good number next year.

The much-maligned defense has played a lot better down the stretch. And, we have a very rare 5-game homestand.

I see 3 returning defensive players who have very good chances of being All-Sec types (Pulley, Scoota and Agim). I also see several others who have a chance of being very good, particularly in the 2nd year in the system (Santos, Greenlaw, Ramsey, Curl, Callaway, Montaric).

The key will be whether we can get some DL help and put together an offense that takes some pressure off of the defense.

But, the cupboard is not as bare as it seems.

Very well put, Bama could suffer the same injury bug but not miss a beat. To some extent GA & Aub could as well.
AR no way.

New Coach will have the benefit of some good young players, Young players with some experience & a good redshirt class as well.
It’s obvious what he will need to bring to the table with his staff. Very good DC, OLine Coach to start & recruiters for surrounding states.

Absolutely injuries contributed to the win/loss record, no question in my mind. I also believe there must be a way for coaches to get the #2 & 3 players reps with the #1 team so that the impact isn’t as bad. We didn’t have a lot of opportunities to do that this year given that Florida A&M and NMSU were the only games where we would have had the luxury to get significant game reps for the subs. But, even then, we didn’t do that as much as we should have. I get that you want to get as many reps as possible with your #1 unit in September, but in this case, it backfired. Regarding the players listed, I agree with your categorization. Greenlaw for some reason did not perform as well this year as he did previously. He wasn’t the only one. He and Lidell both tended to get out of position by over playing play action. But, Lidell won’t be back. Greenlaw will need to fix that and have more focused eyes if he is going to return to the elite player he once was.

Coach B is still building depth too.

Alabama has had a spate of injuries to their linebacker corps, but they have absorbed it, even though the defense on the field isn’t as strong as it was.

In another season or two, we would have the depth to absorb these types of injuries. 5 years simply isn’t enough time to develop that quality depth.

It’s certainly not when you have as many recruiting misses as this staff has had in the secondary, OL, DB, and LB. They have recruited as many if not more flops than players at these spots.

He didn’t get a lot of value out of his first couple classes. He has gotten a lot more value out of his last two. I think it is reasonable to expect his improved recruiting to continue.

I am fully aware he is unlikely to be here next year and this discussion will be a moot point.

Can you list these?

No school like us can absorb these type even if you miss on some recruits.

ALL schools miss even Ala but they can just put another 5* in for him.

The kid from Fayetteville that they got, would u say he is say bust?

If we won 8 or 9 last year and had these same injuries not one of you would want him gone and would be talking about them

Had we beaten Missouri and Virginia Tech, I might agree that the pressure would be mitigated somewhat by the injuries. But, we didn’t. We lost the second half badly in both of those games, then continued to lose the second half time and time again this year. I like Coach B. I like his humor. I like his approach to discipline and character building. I like his concept of “uncommon men”. I like his punch you in the mouth type football that he espouses. I like that he grew up on a hog farm. My criticism of him has been and is that he isn’t a great game-day coach. That includes odd untimely decisions, lack of adjustment at half-time, and seeming inability to motivate the players to finish games late. Of course, sometimes those odd decisions work, but too often they didn’t and became just bad decisions. I would be okay if he returns in 2018. I can’t say I’d be overjoyed at this point, but I would be okay with it. I’ll also be okay if he leaves. I can’t say I’ll be overjoyed with that either. Perhaps I’m just numb right now. I hope the next four hours makes that go away.