Injuries forces Kofi Boateng to give up football

I wish the young man the best! His statement shows class.

I really thought he was going to be a difference make here, but those injuries just never let him get going.

He was teammates with Texas QB Shane Buechele at Arlington, Texas, Lamar.

Kofi chose Arkansas over Ole Miss, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Arizona State, Kansas State, North Carolina and others.

He caught 112 passes for 1,805 yards and 26 touchdowns as a junior and senior.

84 scholarships when Rakeem Boyd and Dorian Gerald arrive in July.

That’s one under the NCAA limit of 85 meaning that could add one more before practice started if they chose to do so.

Even though he is walking away from football, can he still remain on scholarship or is that an automatic termination by the University?

He can, and most likely will, petition for a medical hardship and thus be able to stay on scholarship, but won’t count against the 85 number. That’s assuming he stays at the UofA.

Players who are on scholarship continue to have their tuition paid when injuries force them to give up athletics. This happens quite a bit. Jake Heinrich, for instance, is still enrolled at the UA after injuries forced him to call it quits earlier this year.

Tough break for Kofi.
Now work on & get that degree.

I had made inquiries here about Kofi a couple of times, and never got much of an answer. My interpretation of that non-response was that he either had some kind of health/recovery problem, or he was in the dog house. Guess we know now.

Wish the young man the best as he transitions his focus on school and the rest of his life. - which is what 99% of us do during our college years. He has much to look forward to.

Wish Kofi the best in his future endeavors and thank him for choosing the Razorbacks. Injuries kept him from becoming a sucess on the field and now he has the opportunity focus on his studies and become a sucessful graduate. WPS

We appreciate this young man for what he has sacrificed and given us. Now he can make the best of his future which we hope bids well for him. He will always be a Hog!

Thanks for being a Hog, there’s so much left for the young man to do.

who never got the chance to play on the Hill, very highly regarded but could not overcome the knee injury he got in practice. I actually think James was a bigger recruit than Kofi as he had Bear Bryant showing up in Prescott with the media picking up that James was the Bear’s top recruit at WR in the 1974 class and would shut down recruiting if Langston would commit.