Initial Ken Pom has us ranked

#44 overall and #7 in the SEC. I believe that his initial projections are based on expected production of the roster taking into account past production and recruiting rankings. I’ve done my own projections in the past and gotten similar preseason rankings to his, That ranking has us projected as most likely on the right side of the bubble, anywhere from a #7 seed to a play-in. Massey has us in the identical positions as well.

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Wow. Wonder what projections would look like in the unlikely scenario CV becomes eligible?

Blue Ribbon ranks us 11th in the SEC. Bob did a nice job on the write-up

Even though he doesn’t publsh his exact method, Kem Pom preseason projection is a straight computer algorithm, presumably trained on past data consisting of input factors like percentage of returning production, the previous year’s final ranking, recruiting rankings, etc. at the beginning of the year with the output being the final ranking at the end of the year.

I wonder if he includes grad transfers? Jimmy Whitt will, undoubtedly, be our biggest newbie impact player.

Ken Pom is the absolute best…when the season is a month along, check his predictions
vs. the Markets opening line. I didn’t subscribe till last year, made a believer out of me.

LSU 38, Missouri 39, so very close to top 5 SEC.

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