Initial impression of Hall...

He is a black hole that the ball falls into and never comes out.

I think you’re being a little bit harsh.

Did I see some of what you describe? Yes . . . but not until later in the game, when we had a 40 point lead and the “new guys” were trying to get a bucket in the score book. Earlier in the game, I didn’t see him hogging (pun intended) the ball so much.

Besides which, it’s his very first college game. I imagine he’ll relax and “go with the flow” a bit more as he plays more games. He’s a little bit undisciplined right now - which is to be expected. But he does bring energy and athleticism to the floor. I like that - a lot.

Oh I am sure you are right and I don’t want to pick nits after an awesome game. He is a good player, I am certain of that.

In time these young hogs will gain the confidence to let it all hang out. They will play team ball that MA’s mo!

He’s going to be fine, he’s just a little raw, he will earn his keep on defense.