Info needed

What is the issues with Phillips and Garland? When do we expect Phillips to play and will Garland ever play? Never heard what his health issue is

Phillips has played but is still slowly getting into game shape and meshing with the team after his injury. Garland, who knows at this point. I’m leaning towards he probably never will at this point, but I don’t know.

Phillips is the one That could make a big impact this season. It takes time to get back in shape and gain the timing and feel for the game after a long lay off. He could have made a big difference to the team if he was 100%.
I’ve almost given up hope we ever see Garland hit the floor in a Hogs uniform.

I don’t think anything concrete has come out on exactly what is wrong with Garland (and given federal privacy laws, that’s as it should be), but the assumption is that it’s something related to his heart.

Phillips has played 27 minutes, he is 2 for 15 on shots taken, 0 for 5 on 3 pointers, 2 for 2 freethrows with 5 rebounds. Coming on slow. We need him to be a player but he has a ways to go just yet.
I doubt that we will ever see Garland on the floor. Shame, the kid got a lot of talent.

Phillips is somewhat like Dorian Gerald for football. Playing catch up in all parts of the game and getting into shape.