Info from UA Baseball Office Today

Nothing earth shattering, but according to email from UA Baseball today, seating capacity will be significantly reduced this year due to COVID. Those who get tickets probably won’t sit in their normal seats.

No decision on Hog Pen Area has been made.

No tailgating.

The SEC Office is determining scheduling and it will likely be announced in mid January.

I hope the hog pen is open with a reduced number allowed to enter. We sure missed what could have been a special team last season. I hope we have a good year.

Something new I have confirmed on scheduling: the 2021 SEC opponents and playing sites will be the same as they were going to be in 2020.

So for Arkansas that means home series against Florida, Georgia, Texas A&M, Auburn and Alabama, and road series at LSU, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Tennessee and South Carolina.

Well that’s fair. I hope the non conference part of the schedule can be played. I wouldn’t like to see 4 game SEC Series played on conference games.

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