Indoor Track Name

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Well deserved. Needs a statue as well, either there or next to John’s at the outdoor track.

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It should probably be at the Tyson Track, since the outdoor track is named for Coach Mac.

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Can’t argue with that.

I never met Lance; Bev Lewis was the women’s track coach during my time attending/covering UA. But I sure met John.

I’ve told this story before. A few years after my graduation, with the track dynasty in full force, I was in Fayetteville and stopped by the SIO to see Rick Schaeffer and others left over from my time on campus. I was sitting in Rick’s office and John walked by and saw me. He made a point of coming in to say hello, to see how I was doing. To do that for somebody who was just a student flunky for 4.5 years was kinda humbling; the greatest track coach of all time coming in to see me.


Aloha Jeff,
We were very blessed during our time on the Hill. AD Frank Broyles and all of the coaches had an open door policy for us student sportswriters. Enjoyed many heart warming conversations and welcomed advice from Broyles, Lou Holtz, John McDonnell, Sam Freas, Norm DeBriyn, Eddie Sutton, etc…All highly successful, confident but humble in my presence.
Coach Lance Harter is cut from the same cloth. Thanks to our friend Dudley Dawson, Lance hired my daughter as a student manager during her freshman and sophomore years. Lance is a total gentleman and professional. Best in class.
I can’t comprehend any other coaches matching the success of John and Lance. Exceptional legends who blessed Arkansas with their service.
UA…Campus of Champions


Ah yes, Sam Freas. He was a character. On my one road trip with the swimming team, he set up an elaborate prank with me as the victim. Pretty funny then and now.

The '79 SWC swim meet was in Austin and ended Saturday night. I stayed at the pool late calling Arkansas media and the Texass SID assistant took me back to the hotel when I was done, maybe 11 pm or so. Meanwhile the swimmers and apparently the coaches went to a post-meet party somewhere. I wasn’t invited and didn’t know where it was, so I went back to my room and got ready for bed. I was staying in the same room with Sam, which is important to this story. A few minutes after I crashed, Sam came in and pretended to get in bed. But he left the room door ajar. Once I had dozed off, a couple of coeds came in, jumped on my bed for a few seconds yelling my name, and then ran out. Sam was lying there watching, of course, and was howling with laughter. I was too groggy to realize what was happening immediately. Sam filled me in the next morning.

Glad his name is on the floor. Well deserved

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