Indiana transfer Justin Smith commits to Hogs (has signed)

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Who is leaving?

This pleases me

I think, this could be the indicator many are seeking on the Joe decision. Remember until just recently he’d have had to decide by June 3rd. So I bet him and Muss have talked plenty and both know whats going on and now we see an addition to the team in the Indiana Transfer. For me, that’s writing on the wall. Granted… not carved in stone, but definitely spay painted graffiti.

Not the case.

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I bet you someone else will be transferring out.

I don’t think Joe is leaving and if he’s not we will have one salty squad!

This is a very good pick up. He is the type player I felt like was missing from the roster. There is a lot of talent on this team. It should be fun to watch them develop.

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Unreal. Thank you Muss!

Bet RD had this one up his sleeve!

Kid is quite an athlete and will fit in well with the team…Might mean Chaney is leaving but we will see.

I think it’s a fluid situation. My gut has been he’s staying but we’ll see.

Our team will have a good mix of vets and newcomers. I don’t see anyway Muss doesn’t go at least 10 deep next season.

Should be fun to watch.

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Agree. So many weapons.

This is…good.:sunglasses::grin:

Agree 100%, Razorblack!

Nice pickup. As someone said a lot of weapons. You can stil use 5 weapons at a time, but it means you can have weapons coming off the bench and not have a drop off.

But I am surprised on two fronts.

One, Justin wants to come knowing he will be the 13th or 14th eligible player on the roster.

Second, I thought Muss would go for a transfer that has to sit out and play 2 or 3 years.

PJ I’m starting to wonder if more than one on our current roster will be leaving?

I love what Muss is putting together… we win 20 games starting five players 6-7 or shorter through preparations, scouting, and great coaching. Now we have the size and talent to go ten deep and beyond. The practices will be interesting to see who evolves and gets the most playing time. Expectations will be blowing off the roof next season.


from Jeff Goodman

11) Justin Smith, 6-7, 230, F, Grad, Indiana
Stats : 10.4 ppg, 5.2 rpg
Scout’s take: “He’s an athletic forward who can defend, but isn’t much of a threat – especially shooting the ball from the perimeter.

Jalen Tate was 13 on rank of transfers and Vance Jackson was 22, lots of uunknowns who are gonna have to learn to gel and play as a team… Not the best environment to develop in right now, so true player leaders will be more important than ever to success.

Too good to pass on, if he wanted to come here. Top 100, 4 star out of high school, and 3 yr starter at IU.

An additional bonus with Justin is if, God forbid, he’s injured early he’s eligible for a red shirt year. He graduated in 3 years.

Adrio Bailey in a taller package. +++ athlete, long, great defender, energy guy, not a great shooter/scorer but will get a points in transition, put backs, etc.

Kind of guy who is a good addition to any team if he knows his role. Need long athletic wings to guard in the SEC which this guy will bring