Indiana out 19-4 early on No. 24 Marquette....

as i explained in an earlier post, they look more polished RIGHT NOW than we do. everyone on here pretty much has stated we will be a work in progress, and i agree.

Do i hope we win, of course. i will be on edge rooting for us. I hate losing period. might have been caught up watching them play, they smoked a top 25 team. How good is Marquette, time will tell but they looked good to me that night. of course they are playing at our place, and we have a good record at home. so who knows.

i could say we would struggle against the golden state warriors on here, and the devout anderson lovers would slam me. lol

i also said i wouldn’t pick us to win, i did not say i hope we lose, just wouldn’t pick us. will be interesting to see what the line is on the game. i should have posted it will be tough to win the indiana game after watching them. or this will be a stern test. would have kept the adorers at bay.

for the record, i certainly hope we win. and if we do i will give credit where it is due. go hawgs…

Polished? I don’t know what that means. Speak it stats. It works better. Better bench? Better rebounding? Better fg% a/to? How does marq match up with TX? Help me understand.

well, for one, i thought we should have won the texas game. gave that one away. not going to blame coaching, however i would have fouled before he took the tying shot and i would have called time out at the end of overtime, but we are just green right now. other than gafford we don’t know who the go to guys are yet at those end of games, gotta hit a shot situations. also, as written about on this site, gafford is still going through growing pains as far as beating double teams, but we don’t yet know if indiana is going to double him like the opponents did the first two games, but his has had quite a few turnovers.

their offense looked very fluid, they hit shots, their defense was good however our defense was actually pretty good in our two games. i think they are deeper RIGHT NOW, than we are as far as players they can substitute and count on.

our bench has not been too productive offensively. defensively yes, but you gotta score. they have had two games and blown out both opponents, i would say marquette compares favorable to us playing texas, our game was at a neutral site, theirs at home.

also we have few offensive rebounds. jimmy dykes on bo’s show said bailey has yet to have an offensive rebound after two games and he is your power forward. that being said, offensively bailey played his best game offensively the last game.

not sure if we will press, or how it will affect indiana if we decide to press the entire game.

so it was just an eye test for me, they looked awfully good against a top 25 team, routed them. we looked ok against texas and lost.

again, i say, i really hope we win. i hope our defense is very disruptive and gives them fits. i hope we hit some threes and get tons of turnovers. its early so anything can happen. if we had our injured 6’7" guard/forward i would feel better because he could be a key missing piece for this team.

Indiana -3.5

Pretty close.