Indiana out 19-4 early on No. 24 Marquette....

at home in Bloomington.

Michigan destroyed Villanova at Nova. Big Ten getting some marquee wins early.

The hogs need a signature non conference win. It would be nice for the hogs to beat Indiana. The game is here at Bud Walton so I like our chances.

With 11:03 left

After watching this game I wouldn’t pick us to win. Home or not

I certainly don’t bet on events I cover, but if I did, I wouldn’t bet against a program that has won 32 of its last 35 at home and 94 of its last 108

Bud Walton will be packed! It won’t be easy for anyone to come in and win! I just hope the hogs can improve on the charity stripe.
Hogs by 6. Gafford has a Double Double
Joe score 20
Jones scores 20
Harris has 5 assists
Bailey has a double double too!
Bench scores 14

Has there ever been a game against a good team that you thought we were going to win? I know you didn’t seem to last year and we were pretty solid.

I have no idea if we will win or not, but so far this kids have played pretty well and have far exceeded my expectations in several areas.

I think I’ll tune in (or maybe even make the 5 hour drive).

It helps when a 5 star like Romeo Langford stays with the in-state team. Freshman Romeo is projected as a lottery pick in next year’s draft.

Come on Marcus Moody, follow example of Romeo,

i hope we win for sure, just still think there are growing pains left to endure this season.

do i ever think we’re going to win against a good team? i don’t gamble at all and there are some conference games at home i thought we were going to win. if you go through threads, i picked us over Texas. so if you’re subtly trying to make a point that overly negative on our basketball team you are wrong. do i have confidence every game, no.

i thought we would beat Butler, hard fought i thought but i thought we would win that game, we got routed. we’ve beat Kentucky how many times lately? north carolina, we gave them fits but i didn’t think we would win that game in our latest NCAA tournament game against them. in fact in the NCAA bracket last year i had us winning 2 games. sorely disappointed.

i watched some of the indiana game last night and was impressed. if we beat them i will be elated. it would be a quality win that would help our resume for a possible NCAA bid. just think there are going pains left to endure, possibly for quite some time. certainly hope i am wrong.

Moses…Moses Moody

Yes. This is a kid that’s a must for our program. Tired of seeing top notch kids from in state go other places , in both basketball and football. From a kids standpoint I can understand why they might be wooed elsewhere, especially basketball. Teams like duke, Kentucky, North Carolina, Kansas put a lot more kids in the league than we do. But we’ve got to turn this around. Nolan put a lot of kids in the league. It’s all about recruiting in every sport. We need moody period.

Comments- well stated, another early test for this young team we’ll see how they perform against a good basketball team although this time on our home court…

Will be interested to see where the line falls. On a neutral court I’d put Indiana as around an 8pt favorite, Bud Walton is worth about 5-7pts for us though. So expecting anywhere from a pick to Indiana -4.

It’s kind of strange that Indiana, which is a basketball crazy state and has an incredible tradition, has been very quiet on the national scene the past several years. Like Texas, USC and others in football the Hoosiers have faded from sight. I would expect Ryan(Archie) Miller to get them back into the spotlight. He did a great job at Dayton.

I googled Archie Miller…his given name is Ryan, but he was nicknamed Archie because he had a personality as a boy like the TV character, Archie Bunker. His brother, of course, is Sean Miller the coach at Arizona State. His dad was a legendary high school coach. They grew up in Beaver Falls, Pa(home of Joe Namath), just outside of Pittsburgh.

You can find out anything quickly on google. I wonder who does all that work?

On a side note, Sean Miller is under a recruiting cloud and there are rumors about Archie.


Indiana has had only a few relevant seasons since they ran Bobby Knight outta town.

Duke, Kentucky, NC, etc., don’t put kids into the NBA. Kid with talent put themselves into the NBA. Top teams just sign more players that will play in the NBA regardless of what college they attend.

Why not?