Indiana looking pretty good so far @ Maryland

It’s in our interest for IU to continue to play well and they are. Going inside against the Terps, mostly with Brunk rather than the hyphenated kid. Of course they’ll have to hold on at the end, which they couldn’t do against us and apparently almost gave the Notre Dame game away late as well.

As soon as I post Maryland goes on an 11-0 run and leads by 8 at half. IU can’t buy an outside shot.

Getting destroyed 57-38.

Indy got blown out at Wisky, too. Winning on the road at P5s is not easy,

The “Swine Jinx”:crazy_face:

Not the first time either.

Fact is, Indiana is just not that good. Middle of the pack at best in the B10.

Indiana turned it over too much again (14 to 7 for Maryland) and shot 22% from deep. They outrebounded Maryland significantly and it didn’t matter because of the poor shooting and turnovers.