Indiana hiring Mike Woodson as HC

Assistant for the Knicks, IU alum.

One name off the coming-after-Muss list.

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Great news for us. With success of Juwan Howard, Muss and others, NBA pedigree becoming more attractive.

I was never worried about that possibility, but still good to see the position filled if for no other reason than to eliminate a bidder. Of course, I think HY plans to reward Muss quite nicely. As he should.

I think Muss is focused on one thing right now and that’s winning the next game! His agent may be doing some work behind the scenes to get the price tag up! HY will get a deal done.

Good last name. We have a town between LR and PB named after us. Good for Mike. Good for IU.

Man, they really wanted an Indiana guy. 63 year old NBA lifer. No college coaching experience as either an assistant or a HC.

It’s one thing for a Power conference team to hire a guy with some NBA experience who has also been a successful HC in college(ala Muss), but this looks like a reach when all their main candidates turned them down. Hard to believe the rich boosters paid $10M in bailout money to Archie Miller so they could get Woodson.

As a Knicks fan, I always liked Woodson. He got a raw deal in NY the first time around.

Players love him, and he knows how to structure a gameplan.

I see this as a great hire for them.

Woodson was HC for 2 NBA teams as well as an assistant. IU is also installing Thad Motta in the athletic department and he will be an able resource for Woodson. You are right about him being 63 however…just sayin’

Bringing in Motta is smart, but the assistants who will be handling recruiting will be vital as well. I don’t know how much college scouting Woodson been doing for the Knicks of late, so he probably also needs somebody who can help him get the right guys in the portal for some immediate help.

The fact NBA players generally like Woodson will probably be a welcome change from Archie Miller’s reign, which supposedly was not a real great environment after the first year or so.

Wooderson? All right all right all right!

With Indiana hiring a BB coach, Hogs will be watching the ut BB hire & perhaps TT hire if Beard goes to ut. If Beard, ut will announce April 1 or soon thereafter.

Muss is not being openly discussed for either job & doubt he would consider them, but who knows. It will further enhance our recruiting & transfers in to UofA after Muss contract renewal is finalized.

Good luck to Muss & the Hogs in the tournament!

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