Indiana destroyed a really good FSU team tonight

WOW, I thought the game would be close, but FSU, would probably win, even at Indiana. FSU won at Florida by double digits earlier this season. Could be a mighty tough game in Bloomington.

Pretty sure game was played at IU. But I share your surprise at the way hoosiers pretty easily handled the noles.

Yeah, it was definitely in Bloomington. That’s where we are playing them.

Oh, I re-read my post. I think I see why you said that. They (FSU) won at Florida Gators… I was referring to FSU winning at Florida by double digits. I see how you could think I meant Indiana was playing FSU in Florida. I’ll fix my post.

Hoosiers matched our record w the win tonight moving to 8-0. All Home games and
their first test on the road comes Sat at Wisconsin.

I thought IU looked big through their whole lineup. Will have to check their roster. That length could be a huge problem. From the couple of minutes I saw, they didn’t look big and slow.

Indiana shot 38 free throws to FSU’s 16. Both teams made the same number of field goals/3 point FG. Difference in the game was at the line and Indiana only made 60% of their free throws, but won by 16 points. Not sure whether that was home cooking or just the way the game was played.

60 % of field goals or free throws?

It was actually 61% FT (60.5% to be exact). They were 23-38, and FSU was 7-16. Made the exact same number of FG’s: Indiana 25-45, FSU 25-53, exact same number of 3PT: Indiana 7-15, FSU 7-19. The difference was the charity stripe. Game was at Bloomington.

Interesting FSU committed 26 total fouls (25 personal, 1 technical) and Indiana committed 19. 7 more fouls by FSU, but 22 more FT’s for Indiana? Interesting statistic.

Usually when the fouls are fairly close bu FTs aren’t, that means one team is attacking the basket and the other is settling for jump shots. Or it means one team is hacking trying to catch up, although since they put the double bonus in that tactic has limited usefulness.

According to the game story I saw, FSU made a couple of second half runs, got to within 3, but couldn’t get over the hump.

lol…at my age, it’s just that i’m easily confused.

on topic tho, I’m hoping by the time we get to Indiana, both teams are still undefeated, and IU has moved up a notch or two. That could be our first signature win this season.

The fouls and FT advantage for Indiana sounds eerily like some of our SEC games and disadvantage AR.

Indiana is for real. We’ll need our A+ game to hang with them.

I just hope we can get to 11-0 going in to that game. Very concerned about Western Ky.

Yea…after watching our offense I’m not sure how we turn that side of the ball around. Western KY and Indiana both look like tall task for our team this year. But to finish with a positive note, love our defense, effort and finding ways to win.

I’m concerned about both WKU and Indiana. I’m hoping we beat both. Something I did find interesting is ESPN’s predictor.

Has us finishing 11-2 non conference (WKU and Indiana losses)
And has us finishing 13-5 in conference. That is 24-7 overall. That’s probably 4-6 seed in the Big Dance. I’ll take it.

I watched a good bit of the Indiana-Florida State game. Florida State was competitive, but fell back when the free throws became the main thing. It was a decent game at some points in the second half and the 'Noles looked like they were going to rally several times. Both teams are good and play hard. That’s what I noticed more than anything else. It was sloppy at points, but sometimes when you play that hard, you are sloppy. The Hogs do that at times, too. Indiana does get the ball inside and drew fouls doing that. That’s the worry for the Hogs, do they hold up inside when someone can pound the ball inside. The pressure on the guards keeps them from getting good passes, but Indiana has good guards who can pass.

That’s crazy. If we lose to both wku and indy, we’ll be more like 9-9 in the SEC.

11-2 and 9-9 isn’t that bad. It’s definitely in bubble range (right side of bubble)

FWIW, Warren Nolan RPI is #14 today. Also FWIW, they still predict 28-3, with one of those losses at Indiana. But now they have our other losses at LSU and Tennessee. @ Moo U has moved to a projected win.