Indiana could do Hogs a favor

was thinking about who Indiana would get for its new coach and thought it’d be nice if they took Kennedy from Ole Miss…gets them a good coach who gets the most out of what he has to work with every year;does things right;and is probably underappreciated for what he’s done for Ole Miss…and gets him out of the SEC.just tossing something out while watching both the men’s and women’s NCAA tournaments on a Saturday night.any thoughts from anyone?

I agree he is a good coach, but there is zero chance Indiana considers him. They just fired a coach who won the Big Ten twice in the last 4 years.

IU’s AD is proving to be fairly clueless. He’s kind of boxed himself in with public statements, none of which would point toward hiring a coach from a mid-level SEC team.

Kennedy is a solid coach but we have done fine against them, recently. I would kinda like to see something bad happen to OM again.

Andy Kennedy has been to the NCAA tournament 2 years out of his 12 years of coaching. And hasn’t been to the tournament in 3 years now. And is not known for landing top tier recruits. Absolutely no chance Indiana or any other top school looks his way. There’s no way an AD could sell that hire. If Ole Miss decided to part ways with Kennedy today, he’d likely be headed to a mid-major school. If he was at Arkansas (or any school that cares about basketball) with a record like that he would have been gone a long time ago.

I agree IU will probably hire someone else but I also expect they will make a run at several top targets before having to “settle” for a good coach that isn’t (on paper) what they are expecting.

Steve Alford.

Indiana is Indiana. They’ll land a really good coach. It’s arguably a top 5-10 coaching job in all of college basketball. They have the money, facilities, fan base, and history to pretty much get who they want. They’ll throw 4-5 million to get who they want if they need to. Plus, Indiana is without a doubt a huge basketball school. No competing with football at all. I would look at a guy like Archie Miller at Dayton to take the job. I would even say Greg Marshall is realistic for them, he’ll definitely be tempted by this job. And even if they can’t land a guy of that caliber they’ll steal a really good coach from another school. That’s when I’d look at Steve Alford at UCLA possibly going there.


Listened to a pundent yesterday that stated Indiana has been irrelevant for twenty plus years and things are not what they used to be as those over twenty remember. Not a good.situation but did link Marshall and Alford to the job. Sound familiar.

LOL, they went to a sweet 16 last year, and went to back to back sweet 16s in 11-12 and 12-13. Indiana right now is no where near where Arkansas was if that’s what you were trying to compare. Indiana is a hardcore basketball school/state. Marshall and Alford are realistic candidates for them. They may end up not getting them, but I assure you most coaches are taking the call when Indiana calls and hearing them out. And I’m not even close to being an Indiana fan, that’s just being honest.

Just curious, why would CSA leave UCLA for UI? I have no Idea if he would or wouldn’t but I would think without looking it up he’s treated pretty well. Also UI ad seems to have a short memory as they have won there conference 2 out of the last 4 years only to let CC leave. Not sure if UI is a better job than UCLA IMO

Lifestyle would be one reason. Ive been to LA and Bloomington. I hate LA. Bloomington is a cool college town. As far as basketball, Indiana is almost as storied UCLA. And, he wouldn’t have to deal with the Bell’s anymore. That’s huge.

Of course you can’t compare Arkansas and Indiana. Indiana has a much richer history. But there are a lot of similarities right now on how attractive those two programs are for an elite coach. It will be interesting to see if they can lure an elite coach. FWIW, I don’t think Alford is elite yet. I thinknAlford is the best they can do.

I bet he loves Bells once the game is under way.

You may be one of the few who chooses Bloomington over Southern California, unless of course it is politically motivated.

I’ve heard cryptic comments from pundits about Alford “wearing out his welcome quickly”. I have no idea what that means, but I’m guessing that Alford and UCLA aren’t inseparably attached to one another. Alford is also a state hero in Indiana but perhaps a fish out of water in LA.

He may not be telling the truth, but everything Alford had said indicates he isn’t looking to leave Ucla, even for IU.

You may hate LA but I saw a piece on Alford, recently, and he seems to love it.