"Indefensible Loss" ..

I would agree completely with that description. We can’t score a single point in the second half against one of the nations worst defenses? This was bad, and no amount of sunshine pumping is going to make it better.

Again, has anyone said one sunshine-pumping positive about it?

just wait … they will come.

And, they will tell me and you that we are not "real fans’ because we are upset about this absolute joke of a showing.

Doubt it.

We’ll see

There will be a party line that attempts to explain all this away within a couple of days. The coaching staff will talk down to us with some line of high sounding crap. Some of the excuse making may even has a little merit.

But in the end as the op said, this is an indefensible loss !

If it’s not coach speak to say he’s not changing some on staff and Smith retains his job after that debacle BB will deserve all the criticism he gets

The strength of this team we heard since fall camp has been an absolute embarrassment and if we get matched up against a spread team post season they will be in a track meet

I’ve talked with a couple of fans that usually spew the company line that are royally PO’d. This one feels different - I think Bielema lost some support today that will be hard for him to recover short of winning 9 + games next year.

After how many games this year have we heard “indefensible” or “inexcusable”?
LSU, Auburn, Mizzou?

I am 100% the type you are talking about. I love Coach B. I love his personality, his caring, how his kids dont get in trouble, how they graduate and do well in school. I was telling my wife that. At some point, he has to produce. This season, this loss and the manner of our other losses really hit my confidence in him.

I’m a believer in CBB and his system. From everything I see he does things the right way leading young men. Long has given him a huge buyout so he’s ours for a while like him or not. I choose to like him.

With that being said the results on the field yesterday was not acceptable. He is paid big bucks to do better than the second half meltdown we had yesterday. No one knows more than him that changes must be made on defense. It seems to me that starts with the DC and probably goes deep into the D coaching staff. They were hampered by lack of speed all year in the secondary and our endless streak of lack of depth at LB. The play of the DLiine was my most dissappointing part of the year. I can’t believe we don’t have good talent in that area. Has to be coaching.

The buck stops with Jeff Long. He hired CBB and MA. Unless we see the NCAA in BB and turn it around next year in FB he will be on the hot seat.

I love CBB and MA. Both have so many attributes I admire but they are paid millions to win. That is the long (pun intended) and short of it.

I’ll be sporting my hog gear no matter how each perform but it’s certainly more fun when they win. Go Hogs Go

Speaking of MA, his leash just got a lot shorter for this season with the fan base fair or not.

Yes this is bad - I thought Ark was further ahead

Next year will be a pivotal year for me

They sure didn’t play like one of the nations worst defenses in the 2nd half yesterday. I don’t understand how they put pressure on our QB on most every play, yet they’re QB stood in the pocket and picked us apart with very little pressure.

I, too, like CBB and the way he does things. I like the way he handles the team off the field (i.e., Frank Ragnow in the loss of his father, grades, etc.). But this was a confidence-shaking loss. Every coach wants that signature win; this was just the opposite. It’s the kind of loss that gets coaches fired. Fortunately, for now, CBB may have enough clout to stave off any such talk by those who make such decisions. For all the good CBB does off the field, he needs to produce on the field in equal proportions. I’m still in his corner, hoping for the best for him and the program.