Incredible Run

This was quite a pleasant postseason surprise. Eliminating Oklahoma State and North Carolina was no joke. Those are two really good teams, and we looked great against them. Plus, we helped eliminate one of the best teams in the country against Stanford in Omaha, and then fought our way out of the loser’s bracket. I am proud of the Razorbacks and DVH.

I am also emotionally spent. I am truly sad for them. I know they aren’t satisfied. You don’t build one of the best programs in the nation, and then just accept the fact that you haven’t been able to win a championship.

I see fans on here who get upset and maybe even lash out. They say things they probably shouldn’t. I’m sure I’ve been one of them at some point. This is what happens, in my opinion, when a person is emotionally spent. We want that championship. I want it for DVH. I want him to achieve that goal, because he is one of the best to ever do it.

Fans are going to continue to have outbursts, and I personally think they should have the right to do it, as long as there is nothing untruthful, ugly, or vulgar. It is very natural to start thinking that it just isn’t ever going to be our time. Something always “just happens“, or everything “stops working” (like our offense today).

Take a look at 2012, 2018, 2019, last year, and now this year. In each of those seasons, we felt like there was a legitimate chance we were about to win a national title. And each time, something “just happened“ or suddenly “stopped working“.

I am an extremely proud Hog, and have been for over 40 years. I know the same can be said for a lot of you. I but I think it’s understandable that some of us are struggling with processing another year where a team with a really good shot came up just a little bit short of the ultimate goal.

I hope this didn’t come off as negative toward the baseball program. I don’t feel like I said anything in that vein, but I apologize if I did. Go Hogs!


I’m remarkably calm. It was a great season. Only one team wins it all.


I was talking with my son about this tonight. We are both so disappointed, but our team was in the final 4! Seems that we are very spoiled. Classic case of Nolan’s monster.

But I really think that we are still in agony over that Oregon state game. That has to be the worst way to refuse to win a natty, in the history of college sports. Painful like the 69 shootout. And add 2021 on top of it, to be the best team in America all season, then to rout NCSU 21-2 or whatever, then to mess the bed and lose the next 2 at home.

That is some extremely painful stuff. I don’t blame any hog fan for blowing off some steam. And it does truly, absolutely, feel that we will NEVER win a natty in baseball. If we could not win that Oregon state game…ugh. Lots of pain.

So I guess we hog fans are just going to have to be happy with being “very good”, and never ever ever expect to be great, and never ever expect to win a natty. We’ll just have to enjoy MSU winning a natty , then the next year watching Ole Mrs play BlowU for a natty. Isn’t that great. Ugh

Please, Muss, help us to the promised land!


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Hit the nail on the head. It’s rare that things fall into place, and it’s “your year” to win a NC. It’s happening for either OU or OM this year. Happened for MSU last year.

I really believe it happened for us in 2018. And we watched it fall to the turf.

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Great year. Came up short again, but our time will come CDVH will get us there.

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