Incredible pitching performance!!

This one was all on the arms what an incredible job we did!! hopefully the offense will come back tomorrow and do better. Have not seen this look that bad all year.

Everybody appeared to have butterflies but the pitchers. Well pitched game. Gotta have the bats tomorrow.

Pitching was OUTSTANDING!!
It had to be!
Great win
Bring on Murphy!!

Have to tip your hat to their relief pitcher. Glad he didn’t start.

I think not seeing left-handed pitching for two weeks really hurt us… we looked bad at plate cannot afford to do that tomorrow night or will get beat

Yes. The offense didn’t really come through tonight. However, we scored on their mistakes. The team with the fewest mistakes won. But the pitching was incredible. Blaine Knight is 14-0, an incredible stat. Cronin also has a school record 14 saves. I’d have never believed we’d hold this team to 1 run. Even that was off a really funky hit.

And how big was that base-running interference DP? The commentators kept talking about it, but if they read the rule correctly, it was the right call even if the ump gave the wrong explanation.

Hard to believe OSU only scored one run during this game when they scored early in the second inning…Knight was ice. WPS

OSU got the pay back call on the foul ball. It was close, but it should have stayed a foul. They didn’t cash in.

Great win! Get the bats going tomorrow boys!