Incredible game tonight!! Kudos to CMA

great decision to go tio matchup zone! don’t know why we haven’t done it a lot more,really helped us on the boards!! Great Job Tenn has some grown men and will be tough to handle but we will see

Gafford had 12 boards and 14 points great night for him.

Barford player of game.

Great performance tonight. Brought the fight to the Gators!

Barford & Macon money at the FT Line when it counted.

Great move by CMA. Completely changed the game. Great effort. I don’t care what happens tomorrow. I am just so happy to finally beat those slimy reptiles. Refs tried to bail them out with some bull carp calls late, but Barford and Macon were ice at the line. Great win!

Loved how Mike was so animated and into the game.

The team seemed to feed off of his intensity.

Loved how Mike was so animated and into the game.

The team seemed to feed off of his intensity.

Barford, Gafford, Macon and Beard… 66 of the 80 points scored… Macon is still off his normal output, the bench was not really a factor and we still won. If we start hitting on all cylinders this team can make a run… fun to watch for sure!

Go Hogs!!

Most impressed with our defense and rebounding… keep moving down the track Hogs.

Terrific game and team effort nice turnout of Hog fans but we need more for the semis!

The bench played defense and there weren’t a lot of bad shots taken by bench players in the second half. I thought they took the air out of the ball and wasted a few possessions. The mistakes on the 5 second call was horrible. Why did it take the guards so long to get open. Gafford doesn’t need to take the ball out of bounds.
It was nice to finally beat Florida! I’m sick of hearing announcers talk about how the hogs can’t win on the road! I’m also sick of all the attention the SEC pumps Greaseball “Cal’s” way. I hope Alabama beats Kentucky tomorrow and I hope the hogs beat Tennessee! How fitting it would be for no double bye team to make it to the final game!
I think the players will have to adjust tomorrow because their legs will be a little tired. Jump shots might not get it done tomorrow. It will take a lot of production out of the bench to win tomorrow.
If the hogs pull off the win I would like our chances against Alabama or Kentucky.

Tip my hat to MA and the boys, great job by all !! WPS

I was so proud of Mike Anderson for his coaching in this game. The Match up zone made the difference. Go watch the Florida post game press conf. Mike White and the players were absolutely stunned. I loved it. Mike White and Chiozza praised our match up zone defense, and they praised the changing of defenses from trapping man to match up zone as very disruptive.