Incoming class rating??

All I’ve heard this tournament week is how outstanding the Alabama incoming class is. So, I was wondering how is our incoming class rated? I know we have some good ones coming in, but how do we compare to other SEC incoming classes

Here is ESPNs ranking: # of players in ()

KY 1 (6)
AL 6 (5)
FL 10 (4)
ARK 19 (3)
AM 27
Aub 29
Miss St 33
GA 34

League obviously improving.

Yes the league is improving. Also there’s a lot of underclassmam coming back next year. The SEC is a lot better than the media thinks it is! What happened in the nonconference schedule this year was loosing close games to quality teams. That trend should change. When it does the conference as a whole it will help RPI, BPI, and SOS. Simple win those big games! It would be nice to see Kentucky finish mid pack in the SEC for a few years and Greaseball “Cal” got his seat heated up!