In the PC

First… I know Brets PCs are a bit of a joke, but I tune in regardless to see what is said.

But, anyway, I noticed he kept mentioning “uncharacteristic” issues, what the heck is he talking about? Honestly, has he watched the teams play? The problems are anything but uncharacteristic, they are the norm now.

I know it’s coach talk, but man… really?

It is all coach speak from here on out. I agree, uncharacteristic? BE UNCOMMON and NEVER YIELD as we win all these games in the trenches!

My guess is he was talking about penalties. As the tv crew pointed out quite a bit, one of the few good things about this team is that it hadn’t been penalized much.

And, penalties were huge, early, today and gave CC momentum.

Could be, but this team is no stranger to penalties.

We had several careless ones against Ole Miss, that’s just what’s fresh on my mind.

I guess it depends on what you call being no stranger to penalties. Relative to the rest of the league and CFB it hasn’t been called for a lot of penalties.

That’s something that is objectively measurable and the numbers show it to be true.

I thought he was referring to the personal foul penalties. It was strange today.

Mctelvins was definitely unusual, but was also definitely targeting.

I disagree. I watched it numerous times and I didn’t think it was late or targeting. In this day in age I could live with roughing the passer (even though it wasn’t), but not targeting/ejection.

To me it looked like his facemask contacted the QB shoulder pad and then went forward to hit his helmet. The QB was 5’8 so any DL that got into a proper tackling technique would run the risk of targeting. I can’t find the video anywhere, but that’s my take.

I’m all for taking headhunting out of the game, but the targeting rule has gotten out of control. It’s all over the map. Totally subjective.

CBS ran a 1q Bama/Lsu highlight montage and I saw 3 hits by Bama in the clip that were every bit as much targeting as Agim’s. None were called.

Meanwhile, other times, the slightest accidental contact even when the defender is backing off is called.

And, it’s the ejection that’s the killer. We should have, anyway, (no excuses) but we probably win much easier with Agim.

A flag wasn’t thrown on bama? Shocking!!

There’s definitely some inconsistency problems.