In the next 48 hrs

Texas, Michigan St and potentially several SEC schools will be offering millions and a much more fertile recruiting ground to a similar wish list of coaches.

I sure hope Hunter Yuricheck has his man locked in by then…

Good post, the merry go round is getting ready to start spinning and I like you hope HY has someone in his back pocket now. Would hate to thing we’re going to sift through left overs like a fat man with his head in the fridge a week after Thanksgiving Day. WPS

I wouldn’t worry about it. We are going to get a good coach.

Texas is the only one of those who is a real problem, but they haven’t fired their coach.

If we can’t whip Ole Miss, Cow College State or South Carolina for a coach, then we are in sad shape.

If you haven’t noticed, we are in about as sad a shape it can be. I cannot think of 1 D1 team that this sorry bunch not oly can beat, but even say on the field with. Perhaps that will be wrong today, but I really doubt it.


I pay close attention to Clay’s hints:

Lane Kiffin and the challenge of selling the program. I am unaware of any leverage HY has in selling the program besides facilities. HY can identify great coaches…can he sell the program for a home run hire?