In the last 50 years

The #1 team in the AP poll has lost to an unranked team 21 times, including TAM over Bama Saturday night. Three schools have pulled off the trick (beating #1 while unranked) more than once. Who are those three schools?

I’m guessing AR is one. Probably someone from the B1G and the PAC 12 would be the other two (just a guess)

We are one (Texas '81 and LSU '07). One did it in two different leagues. The only 3-timer did it in one league.

Arkansas has 4 wins vs #1 ranked teams, two of those coming while we were unranked. 1981 vs Texas and 2007 vs LSU.

No clue on the others to have done it multiple times. I’m wondering if one could be Iowa State?

Iowa State has never beaten a #1 team at all. Ranked or unranked.

Well, since it’s probably a time-related topic, I’ll go with aTm. (Big12 & now SEC)

Second guess, how about someone like Michigan State, since they play both Michigan and Ohio State, who are usually ranked pretty high every season?

I was thinking Mich st (I know tOSU, Mich, and Penn St have all been #1).

I was also thinking maybe Nebraska (Big 8, Big 12, now B1G)

Piggus is correct. The Aggies beat OU in 2002 and then Bama. And Sparty has done it three times, including two straight in 1990 and 1998 (meaning nobody else did it between those games).

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