In the incoming class

How many are considered 1 and Done?

Just my guess but Smith and Walsh I would think are the most likely 2 candidates


Probably 2…Smith and Walsh. 3, if we get Black.


Or maybe none. NIL could change things a bit. Kids may not be in quite as big of a hurry to get to the league, if they are making bank AND living that good college life.


Yes that is INTERDASTING to see if it happens…we got a couple on this years team to put this (NIL) theory to the test.

Has anyone seen the details of any of these multi-million dollar NIL contracts? I wonder if those contracts have first rights of refusal if or when the player enters the NBA, NFL, etc? Perhaps the bulk of the dollars are actually tied to X number of years in the pro leagues?

Being considered 1 n done and proving it are 2 different things.

First order of business is earn your minutes and make the best of them.

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There was an interesting story about NIL at The Athletic last week. I linked it then,. but it’s paywall. They got a look at some actual NIL contracts with the kids’ names removed. Some of them are predicated on the kid staying in school for a period of time. Some don’t care which school he’s in, as long as he’s in school. Some of them also have a clawback clause where if the kid leaves they can get some of the money back (attorney they talked to said he would never let a kid sign a deal like that).

I can see it now NIL used a recruiting tool with guaranteed NIL money.

Those NIL deals are supposed to be independent of recruiting, but we know good & well they’re not. I also know those NIL deals that are formed by boosters of one particular school aren’t gonna be happy with the idea of paying some kid who transfers out. If I were forming an NIL collective for Razorback players I’d want it to stop the minute the kid went somewhere else or became ineligible or kicked off the team for some misbehavior or academic reason. I wouldn’t pay any of the money in advance unless it had some provision for repayment if the kid went elsewhere.

Whether a lawyer or a prospect would sign such an agreement I suppose depends on his other options.

Lawyers slash agents need their cut also.

From some of the NIL deals I have seen, turning pro might necessitate a pay cut.

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