In the battle of orange and black

Okie Lite is leading Molester State 1-0 in the 8th at Corvallis. Both leagues have an odd number of baseball teams so someone has a conference bye every weekend and can schedule a nonconference series.

Molester State is still probably going to be a regional/super host but there are stories in Oregon this week about how they play great on weekends and stink in midweek; this week they lost to Gonzaga after losing twice to Nevada last week. Tonight they’re getting shut down by the Pokes; the Beavs have two hits through seven innings. Okie Lite didn’t score until the seventh inning.

And to cap it off, their .413-hitting catcher that tore us up and everyone else in Omaha struck out to end the game.

Kansas walked off Texas tonight. The Longhorns have been in a tailspin since the Arkansas series, which is the opposite of last year when they got rolling after leaving Fayetteville.

Since beating Arkansas in March, Texas is 9-15, 4-11 in the Big 12.

At 25-23, 6-12 in conference, Texas might need to win the conference tournament to make the postseason.

Call the Fallopians a waaahmbulance. I’m sure they’re blaming the umps, the governor of Kansas and everyone else for giving up three in the bottom of the ninth.

Do you have a stupid nickname for every team that you dislike?

Yes. Don’t like it, don’t click on my posts, or block me. Simple solution. I won’t miss you.

I like the nicknames. It don’t take too long to figure out who the teams are that Swine taking about!

Everybody has their opinion, but KEEP doing those nicknames I like them!

And the first base umpire was none other than the great Perry Costello! Glad he is in Little 12 and not SEC!

Okie Lite is leading the Molesters 5-1 in the sixth inning tonight. Oregon State’s RPI is down to 15 and will go lower if they lose. At this rate they might not host a regional much less national seed.

Texas lost again tonight. The Longhorns probably are going to finish last in the Big 12, and the last-place team does not make the conference tournament in Oklahoma City.

Oregon State lost 5-2. Their RPI is down to 16.

Our RPI slipped to 4 as Moo U climbed over us after their doubleheader split at A&M. We should be back in third if we take care of business tomorrow.

David Pierce won Baseball America’s version of national coach of the year last season. I didn’t understand it. Things have flipped on him so much that Pierce may earn a pink slip after this season. This is his third season.

Old timers like me love to hate Texass…

You youngsters just had to live through it. Coach Bielema quote at the end of the 2014 Texas bowl after kneeling to end the game at the 2 yard line “It was a proud moment, borderline erotic” will never be forgotten.

My Texass friends were (and still are) infuriated at Bret’s quote. Hate it for them! (Not)

Putting this out here after someone raised the question privately.

I don’t call them Molester State to be funny. I call them that to point out that Pat Casey was willing to keep a confessed molester as his Friday night starter for a full season because he got people out, and the OSU fans continue to embrace him (“He didn’t really do it…”). News flash: If you confess to molesting your niece, you did it. You don’t confess to something you didn’t do, even if you’re a brick-headed teenager.