In the Atlantic or El Azteca

Who ya rootin 4? Hooty Hoo Owls. Hooty Hoo!

Owls can’t rebound or they would be running away with this.

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Chi Omega sucks

Great game!
Memo to Muss, raid FAU’s shooters, because you know their coach ain’t coming back, and those cats can shoot.

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LOL! Well they suck at rebounding anyway. I’ll just leave it at that.

I am amazed what FAU has done. I had followed them for several years before I quit following them four years ago. My friend’s son (he and my son played high school and AAU ball together) was assistant coach to head coach Michael Curry at FAU until Curry got fired four years ago. They always had guards who could shoot lights out but never could put it together to advance to NCAAs. Curry played fior Pistons and his NBA connections brought lot of nice recruits to FAU, but they never could win big. And now after hiring Dusty May, it is amazing what FAU has done. Coaching makes a difference.


Sadly, for them, I think their chance in the spotlight is over.
Surely May is off to greener pastures, and you have to believe their best players are too.
Sure was fun to watch though.

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It will be a dusty May in South Florida without Dusty. Probably a blue Christmas too. I can’t blame him for seeking those green pastures. I much prefer them to condo cluttered sandy beaches. I wonder where he will land? Is Leonard Hamilton coming back to FSU? That was a fun team to watch. They were just one rebound of a missed FT away from being served up to U-Conn Monday night. Whoever follows Dusty will have his work cut out for him.

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