In that press conference today

It is clear to me that Muss is just a hyper kind of guy. Reminds me of myself. Anybody that meets or has lunch with me you would state that MT is pretty hyper guy.

Muss in the press conf. stated his wife, Danyelle got mad at him. I’m sure that is the life of coaches, business managers, etc. Speaking of those 2 as a couple IMO they are a perfect match. I believe Muss’s wife adds a lot of value to Muss and the total package in representing the Razorbacks and the state of Arkansas.

I sure hope they like it here!


My wife gets mad at me too. She said “you never listen to me”. I said “huh?”


I think CEM enjoys the camera! He speaks his mind and puts some thought into what he’s going to say before he speaks. After he had plenty of time to read Desi’s message form twitter he didn’t run Desi down. Instead he wished him luck anywhere he went.
Muss will put a roster together and players will earn playing time just like this past season. He did mention he has 1 incoming freshmen and that may be the only freshmen coming in. So the transfer portal will provide the other pieces.

Their whole family provide a great many positives to our basketball program and our university and state. Living gems that we want to see continue to embrace our rabid Razorback family. Muss and family are home.

Thought the same thing adgebg. The Musselmans seam to really enjoy themselves here. Now it could all be for show and the family just supports their man/Coach wherever they are at.
But it sure looks like a great fit for all (Musselmans & Arkansas) on the surface. I think they are quite content here for now. Especially if the money is right.

Hearing Muss is a done deal. Don’t know when the announcement will happen, but should be soon


About time bake you came back around full throttle. You never are to far off base. Lot of times right on

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Man, great news! Thanks for sharing.



Was surprised that the coach didn’t want Smith to use the Covid exception to come back. i can see the other two moving on, especially with the player from Pittsburg who looks really good. I don’t think Smith will get chosen in the draft as he’d not an outside shooter and don’t think he wouldn’t dominate inside in the NBA because of lack of size He would be a good rebounder though. Seems like he would be invaluable to the team next year.

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