In-state Bball Prospects Ranks

I was looking over some ESPN high school prospect rankings yesterday. They rank the guys regardless of class, going all the way to 2024. They have a 2022 guy at #1 (Emoni Bates, no surprise).

So I’m curious for those who follow it closely, if we held a draft of Arkansas high school prospects only or if you’re just ranking them for a list like this, regardless of class, who’s your top 5?

Honestly I’m having trouble keeping up with them all. What a wonderful problem to have.

  1. Nick Smith and Derrian Ford

Will post 2-5 later.

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In the 2022 class Smith is rated higher than Ford on every rating service. On 247 Smith is #26, Ford is #44, Ware is #70 and Pinion is #153. King is not rated. Creed Williamson is not rated.

On ESPN Smith is rated #43 and Ford is rated $58. ESPN only goes up to 60 players for 2022 (so far).

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