In-state 2022 recruits hold promise

That could be great news for us, especially if CSP and staff have us on an upswing in wins, improvement etc.

The hogs just need to win a few more game and make progress! The win total won’t go up in a hurry. But watching the hogs fight hard and compete can happen with the change of leadership that has taken place. Coach Pittman is a winner and he is tough!

Briles visited Bentonville today and looked at Chas Nimrod and appears very interested. To me, Chas is a no brainer. Will be interested to see this play out.

I believe Chas is a 20 plus offer guy by the time he’s a senior. That is if he doesn’t commit early.

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He’s up to 13 offers with WSU on board. Kansas, Tulsa, Tulane are some of his others.

Oklahoma State and Nebraska are talking to him.

A Big 10 school appears to be showing strong interest. We’ll see where this goes.