In retrospect


Perhaps keeping CBB would have been better in the long run. Hold him accountable to get the program back to respectability.


4-8 sounds really good next to 4-20 which is what we will be

In retrospect hiring a 14-22 coach wasn’t the brightest idea .I’ve ever seen.

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That was thanks to getting played like a fiddle by Gus and Jimmy Sexton. The BOT forced JL out because they wanted BB fired and GM hired immediately. Oops.

Very, very true.

I wonder if Leach’s prickly demeanor seems less important now?

Arkansas would have saved a lot of money in giving Coach B one more year, and it clearly would not have been as bad as this mess. But in terms of the previous coach, I have heard a lot about addiction and medical issues that may have been the source of many problems never made public. That was a big mess of a different order.

Regardless, this entire mismanaged disaster is going to come out to about $20 million down the toilet. For a small and poor state like Arkansas, that’s inexcusable, to put it mildly.

Nobody wants to hear this, just like they did not want people asking questions after the NTSU blow-out last season but a few games in – but this could very well be a blow from which Razorback football never recovers. Call it melodrama if you will, but something similar happened with basketball, and we are still waiting for the revival.

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Here’s the deal on that. If it were true, and I don’t doubt it was, and he showed up on a job function under the influence then that should have been documented each time and handled just like they would handle any other university employee. We could have gotten out of paying any buyout.

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True, and I have wondered a lot about that. But that kind of stuff gets really sticky, not so easy with a multimillion dollar football coach – we like to think that he was just like any other university employee, but he was not.

As a player and as a coach, you have 13 days to think about we have to play
LSU. What do you do? This is not the same SEC as when Arkansas joined. There is no way an AD at Arkansas would suggest joining the SEC now, at least not for football. Can Arkansas football leave the SEC and be an independent like Notre Dame?

First, what you say is 100% true. Second, I am far from the smartest guy in any room (unless I am in a room by myself) and it was clear to me what was going on with Gus. I was 100% sure he was not coming here. How could people so smart they have risen to the top of their professions (enough to get appointed to the BOT, that is a big deal) be that dumb???

I just don’t see how we got that suckered. I will never understand it.

Second, once that happened how can you hire a coach with that kind of record? Again, I will never understand it.

Houston Nutt’s coaching record was 4-7 his single head coaching year prior to Arkansas. Ken Hatfield was 26-31 his years at Air Force prior to Arkansas. Took Hatfield until year 4 to turn the corner. Then won 18 games in 2 seasons. All I’m saying is it has more to do with both lines than QB or head coach. I am not advocating for CCM. With Storey coming back & looking at previous successful Hog Head Men , we don’t have to look beyond our own backyard for evidence that HC & QB aren’t necessarily the issue. CCM hasn’t done his job of getting this team to improve. I don’t recall even once from one week to the next feeling encouraged by the product on the field. With Brett Beliema there was good stretch where you could see the desire, the effort, the improvement fairly consistently and not always resulting in a W. As well, I doubt either Nutt or Hatfield had a team take a field and look like they would rather be watching than playing.

Chad Morris was exactly right in his post game press conference that it is going to take time and it’s a O & D line talent and depth issue. At least his analogy is correct. He’s done almost nothing on the field to help himself and IMO keep his job. He gets paid to win football games bottom line. Losing in the SEC badly in year 2 is one thing. Losing like they did to a Non P5 WKU along with the others is purely unacceptable.

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I assume you are just referring to Nutt’s record in 1-A.
He was at Murray State for four years prior to that when they were in what was then called 1-AA.

Record was something like 32-17

Yes sir. I didn’t look further than Boise St.

Thanks for pointing that out

Times have changed. When you have a policy handbook that describes how certain things should be treated, and then you have a white male football coach who is a university employee and you DON’T follow the policy, it opens the UA up to unfair employment practices, especially if another university employee gets terminated for similar reasons. (that was the worst run-on sentence ever, lol)