In retrospect, REALLY bad choice of words

“I might have had a heart attack," Tulane coach Willie Fritz said on the field moments after the contest concluded.



I’m not sure I understand why it is a bad choice of words. He used a common expression to describe a tense situation in a big game. And he used it before the incident with Hamlin happened. Nothing bad at all about what he said.


Not a bad choice of words at the time, perfectly appropriate when talking about a finish like Tulane’s, especially when you are the head coach. But considering what happened with Hamlin later it turned out to be an unfortunate choice of words for the day.

Now of course he did not say that after the Hamlin incident. That would have been beyond thoughtless and tasteless. But coming before, it was the perfect thing to say.

I guess I still wouldn’t consider them an unfortunate choice of words. I’m just curious why even bring it up if you consider it an appropriate thing to say given the timing and the situation? Nothing inappropriate or even unfortunate because the two situations are not related.

Just so it doesn’t get misinterpreted, I do believe the situation with Hamlin is incredibly sad, and I pray that he gets better soon.

And I pray that too.

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