In other news, Ole miss has a QB for the future...

They have burned the redshirt on true freshman 5 star QB Shea Patterson after Chad Kelly tore his ACL and is out for the year. He is a true dual threat QB who will remind you so much of Johnny Manziel. He will give defenses fits (especially ours since we can’t stop a running QB) for years to come. He just led a comeback win on the road against a top 10 SEC West team in his first college football game. Only gets tougher in the SEC West.

Yes, he is a talent. Too bad Ole Miss will be on probation. Maybe we can get him when the NCAA lets the players from Ole Miss go to other schools.

He does look like Manziel. He just laid out the hapless Aggies.

that’s one year less we’ll have to face him! :smiley:

Haha, great point. My wife was consoling me after the Arkansas game and was listening to me explain to her about the Shea Patterson kid and the significance of his first game after burning the redshirt. Her comment was “but this year is pretty much gone for him so he will most likely only be around 2 more years.” She doesn’t get too emotionally invested in sports, but she most definitely knows I do. She knows what to say to show the bright side to comfort me when it’s needed. It’s needed quite often in the life of a Razorback fan. I thought it was very cool that you both had the same thought regarding Patterson. I like the way y’all think. :smiley: