In or Out is going to be the question.

[quote]“I came in and the first thing he said, ‘Hey, do you want to coach the team?’" Mattingly said. "And, then, he said he wondered why I was questioning his decision to sub out Shelton Jones?”

“He had his hand in everything to do with the franchise, A through Z,” Mattingly said. “And, yes, there was a fiery side to him. I think he is the coach who invented stomping on the floor to get the attention of the players."

Some really good quotes in Clay’s article from yesterday those are only a couple, it appears to me your either on the Muss Bus or your off, there isn’t any in between. That’s going to include everyone in his orbit. . . From the guy cleaning his office, to the website guy, to the players social media everything single thing is going to be covered, arena, practice facility etc.

I’m not sure how this plays out. This guy is scary smart, and not just numbers smart, but social smart too. As long as he is able to find players/staff who can get on the same page he will be very successful. . . . . . The key here is to not have a large turnover in players the first year. I expect there will be a couple that do but hopefully not key positions.

I am excited for the potential. . can’t wait to see how we play next year. I’m in, but I got the easy job :slight_smile:

I agree that it seems like there is a split between those that love and those who hate the hire of Coach Muss. I hope that the split heals soon.

Winning at a high rate should cure the division. WPS

This morning me and my big brother talked a lot about the CEM hire. Both of us have the feeling his practice/court side manner will remind us of Sutton and Nolan. I hope he fills in all the blanks. I really hope he does.

As I told my brother. I’m cautiously optimistic.