In light of the new scheduling of ASU in LR, its time again for the GSD

My opine up front in the GSD. Its old. Its a dump. Its days need to be done.

A few big money people think their pockets are more important than Razorback success and would rather cost the Razorbacks some of their recruiting opportunities than lose out on some change from games in LR. Once L.R. was necessary, just like once diapers were necessary until we learned to wear big boy pants. Its time to pull up our big boy pants and toss the diaper that is War Memorial Stadium in the trash.

The world is always about change. You either change or you get left behind. Its always been that way, it always will be that way. The longer we hang on to this outdated dump the farther we will get left behind in SEC football. If you would rather hang on to your nostalgia than be a winner in the SEC then by all means keep stumping for LR games, just don’t bitch about being middle of the pack when you keep handing the program disadvantages the other SEC members do not have to contend with. Will moving out of LR make Arkansas an immediate winner… nope… but it will give it a few more tools in its shed for trying to build a better program.

Here is an excellent article about that very topic.


I agree. Living in sw ark I have always defended the Little Rock games. A two hour trip to a hog game was easier than a four hour trip to see a game. After reading about the w m s wanting the a st game to be played there, I am ready to move them all to nw ark. A st is a no win cancer we don t need.


I will play ASU in LR if it means the stadium is going to be completely renovated (so many high schools will benefit) and it’s the only game we play in LR each year. That will appease a lot of folks in Arkansas. I can live with that. One game a year in LR, ASU, nothing else, ever again. Renovate the stadium. I’ve got no problem with that. As long as we have the right refs, it should never be an issue.

So, we shouldn’t play UAPB in WMS, why not? We’re going to play a FCS every year until the conference says you can’t, which will deeply hurt those school’s budget. We might as well play them in WMS.


That ain’t happening. Nor should it. Complete renovation would be $40 million or more and that’s just a bad use of taxpayer money for something that will be used once a year or less.

Where to begin… It is and it’s not going to just be used for one game a year. SMH. Not all of your information is in swinipedia.

I assume by “renovation” you do not mean expansion. I’m not sure what kind of renovations you have in mind or what renovations would make it worth the money it would cost.

WMS will be used many times a year, but never close to anywhere near its current capacity if the use is for something other than a Razorback game. I cannot see an expensive renovation for a glorified high school stadium, though. It’s a terrible waste of money.

Really? They need to spend millions on it for high school games with crowds of 10,000 max?

SMH indeed. I knew there was a reason I put you on ignore.

I’m not reporting what they need to do. I’m simply reporting what they are going do. I’m not surprised you have me on ignore, nor do I give a rip that you feel the need to tell me. Do you want to tell me we aren’t best friends anymore.

With the right stadium, refurbished the right way, a lot of things could be done there, including bowl games. I don’t see a major redo happening at War Memorial Stadium, but I thought it was a good idea many years ago. Frank Broyles did not agree, obviously.

I think 40-45 years ago Frank would have loved an expanded & renovated WMS. Of course, 40-45 years ago it wasn’t so obsolete & wasn’t as small relative to the places we now play. That was when we played 4 games a year there.

I know the Stadium commission has done about as much as it can to try to keep games in LR. The press box is bigger & has luxury seating. It has been repainted, repaired, and new scoreboards put in. But it is still a 75 year old concrete stadium that can’t have much done for it without tearing down & starting over. You could tear down the EZ’s pretty easily and could add upper decks to one side of the other, but the cost would be stupendous. I cannot see it happening. Nor should it happen. There’s just no need for a facility of that type in Little Rock.

I guess it could hold a minor bowl pretty much as it is. It’s as nice as that stadium in Shreveport. Probably as good or better than the ones in Birmingham, Montgomery & Mobile.

This is news to me. Do you know what they’re planning to do & when? I haven’t heard a thing about any renovation beyond regular maintenance.

A few years ago there was talk about removing the EZ stands & trying to make it more amenable to things other than SEC football games, but that’s been 10 years or more since I heard that.

Seems most of you are missing the point. Its a dump… yes. It would be a misuse of tax dollars to fix it up… yes.

What if I told you the SEC decided to give every other school in the conference 2 more games to bring in recruits but told Arkansas we are not going to give you those games. You’d be howling mad at the SEC for holding Arkansas down, treating us like an ugly step child. There’d be he-double hockey sticks to pay.

Well thats exactly what you are doing with games in LR and Dallas. WIth roughly 7-8 home games a year thats 25% of your games we can’t use to bring in recruits. The rest of the SEC can. Now I get it that we need the presence in Dallas since its such a fertile recruiting ground, but we do not need in in LR. WE are Arkansas, we have a presence in the whole state.

Its hard enough in the SEC to compete if we had a level playing field, why would you volunteer to make it unlevel. Loss in recruiting opportunities and loss in revenue. I just don’t understand the logic of creating your own disadvantage. Thats just stupid.

Not yet, but that is the goal. Until then, you have to start somewhere, and we will see “the start” over the next 4.5 years.

I think (I have no real idea) it would cost a lot more than $40,000,000.

This made me thing of something. Back in the day, when there were two newspapers, I was somewhere in the Little Rock area and a guy approached me and IDed himself as a reporter, and ask what I thought about spending money to upgrade WMS. Now this was in the day when it was still bigger (or at least close to the same size) as RS. (We may or may not have put the first deck on RS at that point). He was doing an article on what the “man in the street” thought. I said it needed to be torn down AND rebuilt as a first class stadium. I suggested upping the cigarette tax 10 to 25 cents a pack to pay for it (I had been told by someone back in the day that such a tax would be sufficient, I have no idea of that was true) Of course, it probably would have cost less than $100 million in the early 80’s to build a nice stadium. Anyway, he took my picture and sure enough, in the next few days my picture (along with other people) showed up in the Democrat and he at least partially quoted me. (I don’t remember how much). I still think that would have been a good idea in 1983 or so. Not today!

Is this just a prediction or do you have some specific knowledge of some plans? That’s what I’d like to know. I cannot imagine anything that would be very cost effective, but I’m not an architect or engineer.

Outside of spending $900k on the home dressing room this summer, I’ve not heard of any major improvements.

I think I would rather go have a prostate exam than go through the Great Stadium Debate again.

The reality is that the current Gov and others in state government who could help make WMS games stop- didn’t. Don’t count on the likely next Gov doing much of anything about throwing away a lot of money on upgrading WMS. More importantly, the next gal or guy is really unlikely to publicly green light the end of Little Rock games. A first-term governor is pretty unlikely to say publicly that it’s not state government’s business if UA wants to quit playing in Little Rock barring this becoming a political issue in the Republican primary. A first-term governor is a lot more likely to do nothing at all about the situation, or try to keep something like the status quo in place.

So the AD still has a Little Rock problem. If he stops playing there completely, without some support from on high, there’s going to be some level of trouble-how much is tough to say until the games stop. Maybe not enough by itself to be a huge problem, but as we’ve seen all over the country it’s hard for ADs to make it to retirement. So he probably felt like that was a fight for another year.

HY does want more/better Fayetteville games, and especially wants to quit having “home” SEC games away from campus. So he goes along with some non-conference games in LR for the next few years in return for getting the Missouri game back on campus. It’s more than a slight improvement and maybe the path of least resistance, but it’s still kicking the can down the road.

And we all grow older without anything much really changing about Little Rock games.

You are correct, NLR. I think Asa Hutchinson had a big role in this. He helped it happen and benefits. He is the one who put the money into the stadium. It’s his stadium now, his parks board. He has a large stake in keeping games in the stadium and in Little Rock. I am more convinced of that this afternoon than ever. Not saying what he did was wrong, just saying he had a heavy role.

I am already old. I have always wanted there to be games in Little Rock. Never thought I’d see the solution as this.

The problem is complex. Having to play in Arlington is a huge part of it. Not being strong in football to have so much value in the ticket is part of it, too.

If the team was really strong, you’d play all of the games in Fayetteville and know that the tickets would be sold. It’s a strange time, a strange situation.

I know Hunter heard a lot about it in his first 100 days when he said he asked a lot of questions. I bet his head was swimming on what to do. I am guessing that’s when he set in motion the plan to make this happen.

I do not quite buy his argument that the loss to UALR in baseball didn not cause any problems. Comparing that baseball game – and losing – to playing Arkansas State in football is apples and oranges. A loss in a football game will be viewed much differently.

I’ve already written this, but I probably know that I’m not going to be covering that game. The chances of me to still be in the same role in 2025 is probably slim.

You also wonder if Hunter Yurachek will be the AD in 2025? Will Sam Pittman be the coach? Who will be the ASU athletic director? The ASU coach? I don’t have those answers.

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