In happier news, OM is


Best 3-4, 3rd-best team in the nation squad.

Why are you happier? Our victory doesn’t look as good now after LSU just kicked their butts…

Because I HATE OM … any time they lose makes me happy. And their game tonight has no bearing on our matchup with LSU. That’s all that matters … the head to head.

Because I hate OM, they’re a bunch of cheaters, and they’re the most overhyped program in America and them losing at LSU at night has little or no effect on us at all.

You’re worried about how our victory looks? Dude we just lost 56-3 on national television and looked completely inept!

enjoyment out of OM losing than anger over where our program is. It’s like well we can’t get players like the big boys and we didn’t really expect to win but Hey, we beat the Rebs. It’s almost like Arkansas and MS competing for who is last in every national quality of life ranking. I personally, think that attitude is childish at best. Santa Claus didn’t bring me the toy I wanted but at least the brat down the street didn’t get it either.

Get off of Notorious. He is just having a little fun. I was pleased the Rebs got beat, too. We have nothing to really talk about after the Auburn humiliation. We were curb stomped by a better team.

down as a Hog win. How do we go from losing by 50 to beating a resurgent LSU and Florida. I know we have them at home but once again we will be way outmanned. Either all the experts who predicted 9-10 wins are ill informed or this team is underachieving or victims or poor coaching. Hoping for a heroic turnaround of epic proportions.

Oh, get a life. Who are you to say I take more enjoyment from an OM loss than I care about our loss? You don’t have a clue. You’ll notice I had about 513 posts about the Hogs loss.

And, yes, it was childish–a joke, to lighten the mood. Their loss and my enjoyment of it has absolutely no correlation with our loss and how much it bothers me.