In-game adjustments

After watching poor and inconsistent pick and roll defense for the past 8 years, I’m uber sensitive to it. Yesterday, during the stretch of the second half when Tulsa cut the lead to single digits, I started to get flashbacks. We were switching every time, and they were eating us up. Then, Muss called a timeout and we went back to a hard show, and we got it under control again.

That in-game adjustment was so key. I love that Muss’ strategy is to be multiple on the pick and roll.

That was a solid team that had been very good defensively. Nice win.

I’m still expecting some big bumps, but I’m enjoying every second of this stage!


Once he adds size to the roster and depth we will have a monster.

The guy can flat out coach. I know our lack of size and depth is going to get us, but these guys play hard and smart for the most part. That last min. against WKY was the first time I have seen them not play “smart” and it cost them. sounds like he hammered that all week.

OK. I admit it. I do not know what a hard show is. Anybody?

One thing that was notable in the presser after the game is when they asked him about calling time out, he didn’t say it was to “stop the momentum” or anything–it was to make a very specific correction on how we were defending the pick and roll (i.e, stop the switching). Everything with a purpose, even the TOs.

In response to mdhog:

Are you saying other coaches call timeouts for no purpose?

I like what Muss is doing, but some of the things I read and hear are mind boggling.

I’ll attempt it. A “show” is when the player guarding the screener jumps out to impede the dribbler, then drops back to keep the screener from heading unimpeded to the basket. I’m just assuming that a “hard” show, is if he jumps out higher and also uses his body and not just his arm to impede before dropping back.

You got it. Higher and with more speed.

As former coach, I was thinking the exact same thing. Was very glad to see the in game adjustment. Next thing is to clean up defending the back screen on under the basket out of bounds plays. We gave up 2 baskets as a result of this. It’s really best to just switch these IMO.

Yep, we got lost on those.

Not every compliment toward EM is a criticism of MA.


Absolutely agree with that.

But I did not take his statement as a compliment, because all coaches call timeouts with some purpose, don’t they?

Yes, just stating it as a general thought because - it seems to me - that you take compliments toward EM as criticism of MA.

Bingo DD…I enjoy Pj s stuff and always read it but his posts since MA was released seem kinda bitter in a lot of his posts

I do challenge the posts depending on how the statement is worded and if I feel it is not justified.

I will give some examples.

I myself have praised how things are going under EM like our defensive effort without making it sound like we didn’t play defense under Mike.

On the other hand, I have complimented EM about being a better recruiter than Mike.

I have no problem with OP by RazorAg about switching on PNR because that was a problem with Mike. Or posts about rebounding under Mike.

But look at Wally’s column today that says now under EM, players don’t have to be told to play hard and there is always a rhyme and reason for what happens on both ends of the floor.,That is implying team didn’t play hard under Mike and without a plan. That is just not true and I would challenge that if Wally had posted that here.

Maybe I shouldn’t post as much.

Always read and respect your posts

Wally used to attack coaches while they were here.

Now, he takes suttle jabs at them after they leave.

Or maybe you just shouldn’t read _ally _all.


Thank you.