In cased you missed it... Tenn Tech is the Tenn State Champs!

They just took down the might might arrogant Vols… That must really burn their collective backsides.

Tennessee Tech is the new State Champs of Tennessee!!!

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I thought it was odd that both teams played with wood bats tonight.

Yeah I have no idea why they chose to play with wood bats but it wouldn’t have mattered if Tennessee would have been swinging a bam bam club they weren’t touching that nasty slider that kid from TT was throwing

Vols play one game annually at AA team park in Kodak, hence the use of wood bats.

I’m glad TN lost. After the way they acted last year, I grew to despise them. However, I’m not going to read much into a mid-week loss. No telling who TN kept out of their lineup. They’re still easily #1 in just about every category imaginable. I’m ready for some SEC teams to beat them.


Yeah there’s no doubt they’re the # 1 team for sure, not only do they lead the league in home runs but they lead the league in stolen bases for crying out loud! Would seem impossible to do that, but they’re doing it

Good thing for them that they don’t play us during the reg season!!

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Apparently the Vols play one game a year in the local minor league park and use wood bats for that game. We play one year in the MiLB park in NLR too, but we don’t swing wood. Dunno why unless there’s some kind of promotion associated with the lumber.

Take the metal from TN. hands and move them out of their band-box… two runs and a loss. I look forward to playing them in the SEC tourney or CWS and hoping it comes down to the matchup for everything.

To Tennessee’s credit, its two biggest wins this were at Ole Miss and at Vanderbilt. They smacked both teams on their home field. But I do think the Vols’ offensive numbers are inflated some by playing series against two very bad teams, Iona and Rhode Island, plus playing in a hitter-friendly park.

Vandy is pretty much a bandbox too.

Seems like Vandy has their version of the Green Monster in left field. Very tall fence to compensate for a very short distance between home and the fence.

I watched the entire game and it was the Vols starters againts the Eagles. The TT relief pitcher did a fanastic job from the third inning on. They played before a packed house dominated by their crappy orange. As the game neared conclusion Vitello pull all the stops putting in pinch hitters with little sucess with exception of a single walk until Gannaway retired the side. Good game. Like most us, the Vols fans call it a “gimme” game downplaying the signifance of the loss. One more thing, the Vols’s hardthrowing reliefer gave up a three run HR that produced the victory. You can pick up the game or Vitello.s post game on You Tube or SECN Demand.

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Glad to hear TN didn’t treat this like a regular midweek game. It shows they can be had. That’s especially true if one of their hot shot pitchers got beat up a bit. Maybe as the season has gone along & goes along further, they’ll start to use up some of their fast start energy. Some teams tire worse than others. If UT hasn’t rested its best players like it should have, perhaps that will start to hurt them as tourney time gets here.

It was nice to see BAMA, on the road, take last night’s game 6-3 from the Vols. Tennessee now has a two-game losing streak. On a more serious note, no doubt Tennessee is loaded and so is Alabama. If we take the Bama series I doubt it will be a sweep. They have won nine of their last ten including seven in a row. Perhaps we will be scoring at a higher clip when we travel to Tuscoolsa for the last series of the season.

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Agreed @redpig, every SEC team is dangerous. You can NEVER take anyone for granted, not even lowly Mizzou.

TNTech isn’t quite Tennessee state champs. They play Vandy Tuesday – and have lost games to Middle Tennessee, Lipscomb, Belmont and East Tennessee.

Speaking of Vandy, it’s been a long time since they were 6-7 in the SEC at this stage of the season.

Glad TT-East took the wood to them!

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