In case anyone is interested Appalachian State

is playing tonight on ESPNU at 7pm against Georgia Southern. I didn’t know but Ted Roof is their DC.

Does he have any HC experience? Sign him up!

Ted Roof has plenty of head coaching experience - a 6-45 record in 4 1/2 seasons at Duke. The interest in Appalachian State is probably due to its head coach, Eliah Drinkwitz, being from Arkansas.

I was at GT when Roof was an All-American linebacker. He also played football at a rival High School to mine (in NE ATL). He has been the DC at GT, Duke, Minn, Auburn, UCF & Penn ST (& others) and Head Coach at Duke (6-45 record as HC). Was DC for Chizik when Auburn won the NC.

He is a very good DC. I like him, but would not want him as HC.

Yeah this is definitely about Drinkwitz.