In Austin behind enemy lines

So hopeful we were purposely vanilla.

Got to live all week with Texas fans talking greatness for beating secondary Louisiana school (said with all respect).

I don’t ask for much.

But living in Austin all these years as a proud Razorback, I hope we take a big step in practice this week and unleash the beast on Saturday.


A life long Razorback fan behind enemy lines.


Actually had a wonderful neighbor and die hard TX fan ask family over for dinner and watching game next week.

Tried to think of excuses and finally had to tell the truth. That I always watch the big games alone. And as a child I held my father’s hand and swore I could never root for Texas. And how, despite living in Austin, I am perhaps a flawed human, but that will never change.

I can only hope that my life long love of my home state where I grew up and all it embodies, which is second to no state even one blessed with natural resources of none other, is understood.

Love my neighbors in Austin, but this is something I’m not sure that many Longhorns can ever understand.

Go Razorbacks


I hate watch parties—even with hog fans. The only exception is if I’m out town & can only watch the game at a bar or something with other hog fans. I don’t like all the chatter that usually goes on at those things. I’d rather concentrate on the game, hear the pxp & color commentary.


For once we agree on something! HA
UA…Campus of Champions

I don’t hate watch parties but if it’s a big game I’d rather just be alone or with significant other. Maybe only few close friends around who I know don’t consistently pipe in with their coaching skills that are usually liquid induced.
Being that I’m usually out of the country (and watching alone late at night or early morning) my frustration with the Hogs can sometimes be overshadowed by my frustration with internet connections or streaming or both.
The connection & streaming were excellent for this game so it was best to be alone for the 1st half for sure.

Being alone for a Hog game, you don’t have to apologize for the screaming profanity. You can call a life-long Hog buddy and he will understand the incoherent rambling about refs and other emotional outbreaks. You listen to his screaming and nod your approval. All the lunacy is doubled when playing Texass.

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I have watched hoops game at duck camp. Or, baseball on river with fishing buddies.

I would rather watch alone but can do it. Interesting experience. I say very little in those settings. If the game is settled, I might move on to other things like food prep. I love to cook in those settings.

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I watch all games either alone…or if its basketball with my awesome wife. But she has to know to leave me alone. One adjustment I have made is, at her request, I keep a pillow in my lap and scream into IT. Rather than just outloud…which thanks to me being an operatic singer…is super duper loud. She can’t deal with that.

I also have a lifelong best friend I call at almost every break.

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I completely zone out what is going on around and my wife pretty well understands that (she did get into basketball last year). Yesterday there were all sorts of people around doing all sorts of things not game related (some looked in), but did not bother me. Pam did ask if I wanted lunch, but then thought better and left. It works for us.

Those are the few times when I don’t go along with whatever. Yesterday I helped a group of people with horses, but told them that it was over at noon (Mountain time). After the game, I noted everything was put away.

I completely understand where you’re coming from, NEA. In general, I agree…I watch alone. Used to be, growing up, it would be Dad and I. But he’s watching from a Heavenly Sky Box now.

However, the one exception is my group of guys that I’ve been watching with at the Dallas GDRC parties for the past 15+ years. Actually, more like 30 years. But it was sporadic back in the day, as I was married with family living in Tarrant County. I’d come over for the occasional Big game that we could only get on satellite (the BIG dishes before DirecTV) once in a while.

But after I got divorced and moved over to Dallas, I hooked up with them on the regular and now have some close friends in the group. We all know what the other thinks, where the Hogs are concerned, so I don’t mind hearing their comments as my eyes are fixated on the big screen. Normally, if I’m watching with a casual fan or someone who is not a rabid Razorback, their unknowledgeable chatting drives me crazy (have you ever noticed? Seems like every guy feels compelled to demonstrate how much they know about sports when watching with another male they don’t know…and most of them really don’t know much at all).

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Agree. I sure don’t want any negativity aimed at my Hogs, since I provide enough gloom when they are playing poorly.

Previously my wife would get upset with me because I took the Razorback games “too seriously”. Too much yelling, calling the hogs, throwing things, getting upset, etc…She would actually leave the house when a Hog game (any sport) was on TV just to get away from me and my emotional outbursts.
Fast forward to today. Both of our children are now attending the UA. And guess what, she’s now asking me when the game is on TV and is just as much as a cheerleader as me. If not more so! Although I rarely cuss, she’s a demon when watching a game! She has plastered her social media of Hog accomplishments from football, basketball to baseball, T&F, you name it. Even bumper stickers on her SUV…in Hawaii!
I’m one blessed husband.
UA…Campus of Champions


I like that. I laughed. My wife has turned into a mighty talkative fan when the Hogs are playing baseball.
She kept saying, ‘why is he so slow’ on KJ’s long run(should have been TD) and I kept saying he is out running their whole team and he weighs close to 240#. I laughed later and mentioned that he was churning out ten yards in at most ever three steps. I wouldn’t want to be one trying to tackle him after he got his balance and was headed for the end zone.

Love it Guy. Got to meet her one of these trips. Perhaps in Maui next year. Pam has got into basketball. Can’t imagine what it will be like in person. Maybe try to get her into BWA if we could get in.

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