In another thread I opioned that the Hogs were neither smart or

Athletic. Wrong choice of words, I should have used tough/physical instead of athletic. How many more players were put into concussion protocol? Even though there is established ‘concussion protocol’ this has to be a somewhat objective evaluation conducted by staff? Does our Staff throw anyone in there that has made contact with an opposing player? If that’s the case they better put Sosa in there because he was getting smashed last night. Body slammed by their RG almost every play. I thought he was our best D-line? Trying not to be too hard on the kids, but my goodness.

Going into concussion protocol doesn’t have a damned thing to do with being tough/physical. It’s a decision by medical/training staff based upon their trained observations of a player’s physical/mental status after a hit. More guys get evaluated now because we know more about concussions. That’s a good thing.

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I think if we were to stack up our weight room #'s against the rest of the SEC we would probably be near the bottom,this team is very soft with a few exceptions,I love Sosa but really never thought he would excel at DT b/c I didn’t think he ws big/strong enough at that was never more evident than last night.

I didn’t say the two things were related - was just making note of 2 things that stand out to me