In another overtime tilt

Kansas 58, Texass 57. Prairie Chickens went for two in the first OT and got it.

In Austin.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Lordy , Lordy

EOE was a 31 point favorite. Sark may not make it out of year one.

Thats the truth. The horns fan base and boosters will send him down the road quick.

As bad as I hate texass, I wish theyd won a couple of the games they lost since we beat them. It wouldve made our win look better.


I am not sure what was funnier, Texas losing at home to KU or the ridiculous Toucan Sam decals on the KU helmets.

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Its too wonderful for that to matter. We keep winning and our bowl destination will get better regardless, so I rejoice to see the shorthorns lose in Austin to the usually inept Kansas Jayhawks.

Horns have gradually deteriorated under Sark since we played them, Sark will have a new zip code by Tuesday as Texas will want to get a jump on the hiring process as a bunch of good jobs will be coming open I believe. WPS

Even better: Kansas winning 2-point pass was caught by a walk-on who hadnt caught a pass this year and hadnt played a snap of offense until last night.

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Sorry but it was 57-56.

Somebody put the wrong score on Twitter last night which is where I got it.

Saw this stat posted on Reddit

Texas has 52 players who were rated as 4 stars or higher as recruits.

Kansas has one.

I was browsing some Longhorn message boards this morning, surprisingly not many fans seem to be down on Sark. Consensus is the players seem to have quit on Sark and the season, and the roster needs to be wiped clean and recruiting/portal hit hard with emphasis in immediate playing opportunities. That and some swipes at OC and DC.

Dont they realize the HC is responsible for the culture? If the players have quit on this season, isnt that on the HC?

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Im sure their fans would never admit it, but I would wager theyve thought about what is going to happen to them once they start playing an SEC schedule. If they dont improve considerably by then, then they will really start to howl. I love it!

I would think so. We sure pinned it on Chud when they quit on him. But I dont doubt they have some malcontents who need to be cleaned out. Theyll probably need the full 32 possible scholies in February for all the people who bailed.

By the way, it appears Bijan Robinson hurt his wrist last night and may be out for a while. Which doesnt help them get bowl eligible. Of course weve seen a 6-6 Texass team show up for a bowl and go through the motions (it was borderline erotic).

Kansas has two wins against Texas the last few years Texass is running to the SEC to get away from Kansas.


Its going to be a really interesting coaching carousel at the end of the year.

Youve got USC and LSU already looking. Then youve got TCU as well. And you might have Florida, Texas, and Penn State looking for coaches at the same time. (Im assuming that Franklin is going to get out of Happy Valley at this point. Honestly, if Im his agent, Im telling him to get out while he can still sell high.) Oh, and I know that Frost got the thumbs up from the athletic director, but if they think they have something better, you could see an opening for Nebraska. And how about Michigan? Is the Harbaugh mojo completely gone in Ann Arbor?

The movie practically writes itself. Its going to be a soap opera when all of this shakes out.

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We know who will be coaching The Razorbacks, Thank God!


Amen to that on a Sunday.