In all Honesty

Can you foresee either of the two current QBs leading us next year and beyond. If we are as bad as everybody predicts, at least build something this year with either one of the two freshman QBs.

I thought they handed off well tonight in the predetermined RPO.

I cannot - they are not the answer now, won’t be in the future, and neither should not start next week. Go back and look at my posts from the summer - said we better hope either Connor or John Stephen can come in and play a true freshman.

I was hoping Kelley and storey got their times to prove they were able bodied QBs. They got it. They weren’t completely terrible. They weren’t Heisman candidates. If we are in a rebuilding year, let’s go all in.

And I agree Jackson. Drew Locke came to Razorback stadium four years ago and got a rude baptism under fire, but look where he is today. It’s probably a tall order, but like I say, what have we got to lose?