In a post awhile back

I indicated something might go down to help Arkansas in the recruitment of a kid.

It’s out now that OL Chris Morris and 2022 QB Tevin Carter are at West Memphis.

I can’t find the post but it was back in early July. Since then it’s evident that Arkansas and Morris are probably not going to happen.

Richard can you elaborate more on how this will helps us?

I’ll be surprised if any of them (5) graduate from WM, it won’t be their last stop. I also predict an inquiry will be filed with the AAA over these moves. This late in the year, you have to make a bonafide move into the district. Let’s see if it passes the smell test.

Don’t believe it will now. I initially thought it MIGHT. Not now though.

They moved to West Memphis in early July. Maybe late June. Not totally clear on when, but know they were there in early July.

I’m told the AAA knows all about this and the kids good to go.

As long as all 4 families, I assume the Carter’s are brothers, have made a bonafide move into the schools district, then they will be good. There will be plenty of eyes on them, since they tried to go to Nashville TN in June.

On July 14th they were planning on transferring to Ravenwood, yeah, sounds good to me. :joy: … ravenwood/