In a bit of good news

Bidness Decision got cut from the NBA roster today: … agency-phx

I’d think he gets picked up somewhere. He’s got some potential. Still a plus athlete and can get to the rim at that level. Just hasn’t been able to develop a shot and his feel for the game is iffy sometimes (so the same stuff he had issues at UK). Will be an end-of-the-rotation guy until those happen, if it ever does.

But, but, but, I thought Cal developed all his players into NBA talent? Are you saying he has issues with his game that Cal didn’t fix???

I don’t know if we have a sarcasm icon, if we do, insert it here.

And I am not saying his game would have been “fixed” if he had gone to UofA. I AM saying that Cal doesn’t do any more to get a player “NBA ready” than any other coach of a major program.

I remembered going on line to the Lexington Herald sport section at the end of the college basketball season. Many of the returning Kectucky players including Goodwin stated to the media they will return to Kentucky to atone for the disappointing basketball season. Later I read Cal advise Goodwin he did not have a scholarship for him hence forcing him to the NBA draft, There is a lesson to be learned here, don’t put all your eggs in one basket especially if the last name on the basket is Calipary.

I couldn’t help but notice the line in the linked story that Archie was the sixth guy in the three guard rotation and the most likely to complain about playing time in the locker room. That may tell you a lot: His production was not worth the trouble he’d cause behind the scenes, so out he goes. Lots of talent there so someone will give him a shot. But if he remains a borderline NBA player, the way he conducts himself in the locker room will make a big difference in how long he lasts in the league.