In 2011, we lost to 2 elite teams and finished top 5 AP

We lost to two national elite programs in then LSU and Alabama and won all the rest.

Not saying we can do it this year - but it is possible.


What was the score of those two Losses?

Both were blowouts. Alabama won 38-14 and LSU won 41-17.

No other teams in the country were on their level that year.

That 2011 team would have scored on GA.

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Yes, but it might have not held them 37. That team was not very strong against the run.

Sounds like Georgia and Bama this year.

Dawgs and Gators will be a head knocker.

Not after what I saw with FL/KY. The Gators might get beat worse than us.


I certainly hope so.

I think GA held themselves to 37 today. Could have scored a lot more if they had wanted. I think they were being merciful.


They were dominate with a plain vanilla offensive game plan. They could have named their score. We just just got beat by a bigger, stronger, faster and better team.

Our 2011 team did finish 5th in the final AP poll and that was a very good team. That team was not as good as a Bama or LSU but it was probably was the fifth best team in the country that year.

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I went to the game in Tuscaloosa that year. Our offense didn’t look much better that day than yesterday. Bama got a pick six and a punt return score and called off the dogs in the fourth quarter. In both the Bama and LSU games in '11 we got steamrolled in the second half.

LSU is certainly not elite this year. Hard to fathom, really.

A great member of that 2011 team, Garrett Uekman, died suddenly and unexpectedly the week of the LSU game. Team and coaches were very distraught that week. That was one of the few times we weren’t ready to play under Petrino, and with very good reason.

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