In 1996

I was 30 and it almost feels as if it were yesterday.

Just can’t fathom how long ago that was.

Thank you Coach Muss and BB Team.


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I was in 6th grade…

I was 33, had 2 kids! But yes, it doesn’t seem that long ago!

hit 40 and my dad had died that January

I was 40, and my hair was brown back then with no white, now it is white with no brown. One thing I can still do is jump up and down in front of the TV and call those Hogs.( It sure felt good🙂) First time my wife has seen me do it in 25 yrs.


I was 35. Son no. 2 was on the way. He’s now a UA Alum and the biggest hog fan I know. He pointed out this is the first sweet 16 of his life.

I was 44. I moved to Fl in ‘97 and back to Ar in 2018. Now I’m around to see another sweet 16!

Was 15 yrs old and grew up with a lot great memories until the 25 yr old stall, I still remember the chills way back then now!! WPS!


I was 44 and living in Benton which we still call Mayberry USA.

I was 35, a few months out of PA school in Galveston, still living and working at EOE-Galveston. Still remember watching the Penn State and Marquette games. I’ve conveniently blocked out what Calipari and UMass did to us in the Sweet 16. It wasn’t our first encounter with the Squid; UMass blew us out in the 94-95 season opener, our first game as reigning national champs.

SEC had four teams in the Sweet 16 that year; Kentucky and Moo U made the Final Four and Georgia was also in the SS.

I was 46 and living in Bartlesville OK, working for Phillips Petroleum. By then, I had learned the drive to the hill pretty well.

I know everyone’s ages now!

I actually had a similar thought last night: we have a 1-year-old daughter now and my sister was 1 in 1996. I was in the third grade.

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I moved to Georgia that year and was 40 years old…Been in Georgia ever since, but still love the Hogs and will always cheer them on. I don’t get folks that move to other states and then become a fan of the local schools - Not happening in my life time.
Once a Razorback, always a Razorback.

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We live less than a mile away from the Georgia line just outside Chattanooga. We spend a lot of time in North Georgia watching grandsons play basketball and baseball.

I was about 30 as well. It’s hard to do, but it’s also important to go back to our frame of mind back then when the Sweet 16 was considered an automatic. The talk back then was always “can we get to the Final Four?” 1995-1996 was supposed to be a rebuilding year, and it was up and down. So making the Sweet 16 was a coup of sorts, and it confirmed the CW back then that Arkansas was a basketball dynasty, and a blueblood along with Kansas, Carolina, Kentucky, UCLA, etc. Rebuilding years meant the Sweet 16. In fact, I think most folks regarded us as one of the all-time top 5 greatest basketball programs in the country.

Nobody could have imagined we were destined for 25 years in the wilderness. Had anybody told us back then, “Enjoy, you won’t be back to the Sweet 16 for 25 years…”…that person would have been a candidate for commitment.

It’s been a long and awful 25 years, and it feels great to finally be back.

I, like many, gave up on basketball ever coming back like it was under Coach Richardson. When Coach Anderson could not get it done, I figured it was never going to happen. Let’s be honest — this is one year – only time will tell. I hope it tells us something good.


I was in the 2nd half of my 2nd year as a resident physician in Tulsa. Almost 28 at the time. One of my mentors was a huge KU fan, so I got to hear about the Jayhawks as much or more than he heard about the Hogs.

Interestingly, Bill Self was the coach of ORU at that time and Tubby Smith was coach at Tulsa University. Tubby’s sons played for Cascia Hall (GG was a senior when Saul was a sophomore). One of the best high school games I ever saw was when Cascia Hall played Tulsa Washington. BTW had Ryan Humphrey (played at OU and Notre Dame), Etan Thomas (played at Syracuse, then the NBA), and RW McQuarters (super stud athlete that chose football… played at OK State, then the NFL).

The next season (fall of '96) Hogs lost at ORU (my mentor reminded me daily). None of that has much to do with the original post in this thread, so forgive the tangent.

Was 36 & living in Calif for 15 years and was still boasting about the 94 Championship every chance I got. But also had to hear about UCLA taking us out in 95. At the time I wished the 94 & 95 championship runs were swapped.

I was 17, junior in high school in Ozark. Been in Texas since 2003 and have 2 kids of my own. They’re both brainwashed appropriately by me to love all things Razorbacks. Was fun to celebrate with them and my wife yesterday. Hoping for more celebrations soon!

Rudy I guess you graduated 20 years behind me at Ozark. I’m a 77 grad there.

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