Especially defensively. The kids didn’t quit. We have little offense and no special teams. We are all still waiting for any type of hammer down. We at least had 4 wide outs a lot of the time but everything thrown to sidelines. Why we can’t throw a 5 yard pass to someone quickly to offset the rush is beyond me. Defense played great. Special teams are worst in the nation. Period.


Special teams and turnovers made this score uglier because the AU offense was stopped by our Defense. I think we have a QB now.

We don’t have a QB or receivers and especially no O line. Ty is not nearly accurate enough. But he’s about all we got and he did fine tonight given his abilities.

Yes, agree some improvements tonight. Defense played a heck of a game against a good Aub offense, Boyd looked strong at RB, Storey showed some good mobility and few nice runs…no quit in the team. Let’s go beat the Aggies!

we have a QB IMO but he’s not going to play him against these next 3 defenses

We have a QB that is still green and has no confidence. The Oline was better than expected with the mid week position changes. As expected Our WR’s were too weak to fight through press coverage so the QB had no quickly open WRs. The RB was the best receiver option tonight and there were 2-3 drops by RB’s that could have been big. The QB does not have a quickly open receiver or much time to go through his progressions…and that puts pressure on an oline to carry blocks longer.

Hammer down??? C’mon man. He cant hammer down with this oline. Did we watch the same game? The guy had someone in his face the whole game. Cant hammer down with this offensive team. We are a ways from that.

The front 7 played great.

Storey gave it his all…he just has no arm strength and is way too slow with his release.

Forget Kelley with the short yardage. Give it to Boyd. Everybody knows what we are doing.

Chad Morri’s offense reminds me of Houston Nutt…dull and lifeless. They may be stepbrothers like Will Ferrell and John Reilly.

I am not sure Brian Wallace ever touched his man tonight . They went by him so fast I thought the wind was going to suck his jersey off.

Look, there are some posters that are determined to not see improvement tonight. And that’s fine. But this thread was entitled “improvement” and there was some. We actually outgained Auburn…by 60 yards. Who would have forseen that? Yes, special teams is part of football…and because it is we got whupped. But our defense played the best defense we’ve played since Trey Flowers and Darius Philon and Speight were running around.

It does provide some hope.

Not alot of hope. But some. I’ll take that after last week.

Storey didn’t put up numbers but he competed. Starting again next week means another week of practice as number 1 qb…I expect that we will see improvement on the swing passes to the backs and the game speed timing with the wide receivers.

What a performance by the dline…Ramsey’s unfortunate grab of the facemask down at the 10 kept the Hogs from having auburn held to 6 points on 3 of the trips inside of the 10

Was good to Greenlaw and Ramsey together on the field. A definite improvement this week, now can they build on this next week?

Jeff H.

I believe our offensive coordinator needs to figure out how to go to a play that can exploit a team rushing 9 on an all out blitz

We looked better than I expected, it’s funny to me that so many expected Auburn to put up 60 points but didn’t see a improved Hogs team. We have a Qb that will get better every week other than the time spent with the team he has the experience of a freshman and I believe we will see a remarkable improvement by seasons end by Storey. There’s a long way to go and we looked the best we have this season against a good Auburn team, a giant step in the right direction ! WPS

Greenlaw was held bigtime on the Stidham TD run…On the Storey scramble for first down I didnt think Wallace was off the line enough to call…told my friend earlier this week that I’m just looking for improvement from week to week for the rest of the year…Minus ST and pass protection I was encouraged…Need O-linemen big time

This game was really much closer than I expected if you take away a long punt return, a fumble return deep in our territory, a blocked punt deep in our territory, an interception return and a kick return for a TD. We played against one of the best Defenses in the SEC and Nation. We also played against a dynamic Offense with very good talent.

I hurt when I think what could have been, if we played like this the first 3 games. I thought this game would be like last year’s since Auburn buys very good players. We were much better on defense than I expected. I expected an epic meltdown on Offense because of No protection, no WR separation, weak QB play, no consistent run game yet somehow we started to show something to build upon.

Ty is going to allow us to start running the RPO consistently but he doesn’t have the wheels to open up all of the playbook or options. When we do pass, Ty is getting so much pressure that he can’t set his feet for accuracy. The WRs don’t fight through press coverage to get QUICK separation for Ty to get rid of the ball BEFORE the rush and blitzes get to him. I won’t even detail the Oline issues anymore. I would hate to be calling the plays for this offense, yet there is hope for continued improvement. Ty and Oline can show improvement quite soon with more snaps.

I’m kind of encouraged by the defense. The DL in particular has made some strides, and we are bringing more pressures more effectively. If we can keep Chavis and Caldwell for another two years and keep the recruiting momentum on defense, I like where we are headed on that side of the ball.

For the offense, the big limitations for the rest of the year are the OL and the QB. The improvement of the two is intertwined to a large extent.

Ty can sort the play if he has time, and has shown some ability as he gets more comfortable to move around enough to make plays when things break down. There was some indication at times last night that the OL is probably going to play a bit better going forward.

We are living on a knife edge with Ty on arm strength and accuracy. He almost had several picked off last night when he just could not drive the ball in. The lack of arm strength means he has to be have great touch and accuracy to make tight throws, and he continues to be off just a bit on quite a few of those throws. I expect his touch and accuracy will improve a bit as he starts more games, but until he wins an SEC start, it’s just hard for me to think of him as being more caretaker than long-term answer.

I don’t think he has a strong arm but I think it looks worse than it is - he is throwing a high percentage of his passes off his back foot. I think we have to be honest that our future QB is #13.

I don’t know if Noland will be the guy or not, but I do think we need to get him in some more games, and try to play him some at meaningful times. I don’t think redshirting him is a good idea even if he could use a redshirt year for football, because of baseball.

Noland’s baseball future worries me. I am not convinced that he will be a dual sport athlete by the time he’s a junior, and even trying to play two sports for one or two years is going to be detrimental to his spring and off-season football work.

Lastly, if he’s good or pretty good at both as a college player he may decide to go with baseball after one or two years. It’s a lot easier to project a good college pitcher to pro ball than it is to project a good college QB to the NFL.

So I would like to see Noland get enough playing time for CM to figure out whether he’s the guy for 2019 by the end of the season. If he’s just “in the mix” going into spring practice, his progress on the baseball team is going to be a hot topic.

From a baseball standpoint, I have questioned whether Noland would actually be able to play. He is going to need all the time that he can get with the football team. That means a good deal of time will be spent in spring practice. To be effective as a pitcher, he would need time in baseball and I’m not sure that will happen.