Impressive per-30 #s

We tend to play our better players less than other teams play their better players. Sometimes I think that can produce a sense of futility, when in reality per minute #s for certain players are actually very good. Macon, Kingsley and Hannahs have been the 3 most productive players by any measure. Here are some notable per-30 #s for them:

Macon: 16.0 pts., 4.2 rebs., 3.8 assts., 2.0 stls. (really impressive to me across the board).

Kingsley: 12.0 pts., 9.3 rebs., 3.2 blks.

Hannahs: 20.3 pts.

All of these raw #s are obviously all-conference caliber type #s. Just not enough PT to be reality.