Impressive list of recruits expected to visit for Hogs-Tigers

It really is an impressive list of great looking players. Getting the right ten or twelve, by position needs, from that group would have us all optimistic about our football fortunes. Our Hogs would be walking tall.

A shout out to Redpig who was convinced that an 11am game could be a good recruiting event. I was skeptical due to travel time. But, the staff has convinced some mommas and daddys to get their recruit to campus. Impressive work by the staff.

Unless there a several no-shows, I expect 60 or so tomorrow which is very impressive considering it’s a 11 am KO.

I bet it will be 60 or more for Ole Miss.

I just hope and pray we can put on a good show for them.

If the hogs can just show some fight and energy it will be a sight for sore eyes! Something positive for the recruits to see and keep them motivated to join our hogs!

I am all smiles. This will be a very valuable recruiting weekend after all.

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